Genshin Impact x Squid Game: Fan makes a collab video featuring Genshin Impact characters in a Squid Game-like challenge

Squid Game, the South Korean survival drama television show which was recently released on Netflix has gained insane popularity and become one of the most-watched shows worldwide, even inspiring video game adaptations. Scrolling through social media posts would result in people finding a lot of memes, cosplays, game mods, and video compilations based on the viral show. The Genshin Impact community was quick to follow the trend by creating collaborations with Squid Game, one such collab features characters from the land of Teyvat.

One video that became an internet sensation overnight is Genshashin’s video that visualizes characters from miHoYo’s adventure RPG in a Squid Game-like challenge. The video boasts of mesmerizing cinematography of the Korean take on battle royale that uses kid’s games for eliminating the participants. The crossover involves characters playing the Green Light, Red Light game with Klee playing the role of the creepy doll responsible for conducting the game.

“After watching Squid Game last week, this video was begging to be made”, said the YouTuber. “Plus, this is probably the first video I’ve made that includes all of Genshin’s playable characters to date.” For fans who have not yet seen the Netflix show, they need not worry as crossover does not have spoilers of any kind.

Genshin Impact x Squid Game: About the collab video

The characters are eliminated by using in-game animations which are edited with perfection, making them look natural. The YouTuber also provided the following reasons in a tweet for most of the eliminations being of characters with the Pyro vision:

While a collaboration between the companies seems to be a distant dream, we can expect more crossover videos, fan art, and cosplays to come in the future from the community. Till then, fans can savor the video from Genshashin.

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