Genshin Impact: Yelan takes the spot for most profitable banner based on day 1 earnings

Yelan was introduced in Genshin Impact, not more than a day ago as a new Hydro character and it has already taken the spot for most day 1 earnings. A bow-user, she is extremely flexible and has good DPS potential.

She has been a much-anticipated character ever since she name-dropped in the Genshin community. Her epic arrival in Version 2.7 certainly made big waves in the ocean. If you have managed to get onto the good side of the gacha gods and snagged her from her banner, then congratulations to you.

Yelan is now the most sold banner on Day 1 (via Genshinlab) from Genshin_Impact

Yelan carves in a new record in the Genshin Impact Hall of Fame

Remember how; ever since Inazuma was introduced in the game, Raiden Shogun had taken the throne with the most revenue ever in a banner? Then came Ayaka and snatched that position from her with her rerun banner to become the character with the most revenue generated from a limited-time banner. 

Well, now Yelan snatches yet another position from Raiden and has taken the lead in the day 1 sales revenue. With a generated revenue of around $9,490,604, she has thundered past Raiden Shogun with a staggering million-dollar gap. Note that this is just for the CN server and iOS only. It is a sad time for Raiden indeed but worries not if you love the Electro Archon. She is still a very strong and relevant character.

Image via miHoYo

Coming back to Yelan, she is the newest 5-star DPS in the game and is good both for herself and the entire party as well. Her unique set of talents makes sure that she can deal massive damage and buff the party on the side. Players might want to keep playing her on-field more and more, but sadly Yelan works best from the shadows, as an off-field party buff character.

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