Genshin Impact's A Study In Potions Event Draws Ire from Fans

The new A Study in Potions event, recently added to Genshin Impact, has been met with backlash from the action role-playing game\’s fanbase. Consistently supported by developer miHoYo, the open-world fantasy title lets players explore the mystical world of Teyvat alongside a large cast of colorful companions. Genshin Impact\’s Update 2.4 is the game\’s latest expansion, with the update adding new characters, a new location and the new A Study in Potions event.

Since the game\’s launch back in September 2020, Genshin Impact has risen to become a popular staple of the action role-playing game genre. The free-to-play title lets players explore the fascinating world of Teyvat, and the game\’s ongoing story constantly evolves through the release of new updates. However, despite the title\’s positive reception, some aspects of Genshin Impact have received close scrutiny and criticism from its ever-expanding fanbase. The game\’s gacha mechanic, which makes players spend money for a chance to unlock a new character or weapon, can be frustrating for unlucky gamers. Meanwhile, Genshin Impact\’s auto-lock combat targeting can make battles a chore by directing attacks at unintended targets.

In a lengthy and well-thought-out post, Reddit user spacemonkey1357 explains a major issue with Genshin Impact new A Study in Potions event. Update 2.4\’s new content reveals a problem with the RPG\’s difficulty, because some players breeze through it while others find it virtually impossible to complete. While spacemonkey1357 found A Study in Potions laughably easy, a friend and various Redditors were unable to beat it due to its difficulty. This makes the new event unsatisfying for both parties, with some gamers left bored and others left frustrated. The lengthy essay proposes that miHoYo should add variable difficulty to the game, allowing content to be engaging for any player regardless of their characters\’ level or weaponry.

Genshin Impact\’s world and gameplay have attracted a large audience, but since launch many of the fantasy adventure\’s events have left players underwhelmed. A Study in Potions has frustrated fans due to its difficulty, while Genshin Impact\’s first anniversary rewards enraged the playerbase back in September 2021. While the new Inazuma region was praised, various characters introduced for the one-year celebration were found disappointing. The update\’s Inazuma Archon Quest, like A Study in Potions, also left players unfulfilled due to an anticlimactic resolution.

While Genshin Impact has a lot to offer gamers, miHoYo often earns the ire of its dedicated fanbase. In this case, the A Study in Potions event fails to satisfy a large portions of gamers due to Genshin Impact\’s lack of difficulty options. The role-playing game lets players vary wildly in power and playstyle, so difficulty options would be a logical way to ensure that new content is rewarding for everyone.

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