Genshin Impact’s Artifact Strongbox Should Be Improved

Genshin Impact allows players to strengthen their characters by providing new, rewarding Domains and Bosses in which they can earn Artifact pieces from a variety of sets. Each set has its own rarity, stats, and Set Bonuses that can offer characters unique buffs when equipped in groups of two or four. As the awarded set depends on in-game RNG, it can be frustrating for players who desire a specific Artifact piece with sub-stats that match their full criteria.

Introduced in Version 2.0, the Artifact Strongbox in Genshin Impact is a feature that allows players to exchange three 5-star Artifacts of any set in exchange for a single, randomized piece from a select few sets. Players must first be Adventure Rank 45 in order to unlock Mystic Offering. This feature can be found by visiting the crafting bench and navigating to the third tab.

Currently, the Artifact Strongbox only allows Artifacts in exchange for pieces from the following sets: Bloodstained Chivalry, Gladiator’s Finale, Noblesse Oblige, and Wanderer’s Troupe. This is beneficial for players who struggle with obtaining Gladiator’s Finale and Wanderer’s Troupe Artifact pieces since they are only awarded the completion of weekly Bosses in Genshin Impact. Though these Artifact sets are among the most popular, Genshin Impact needs to add more Artifact sets to the Artifact Stronghold in order to keep up with the release of new regions, characters, and skills.

Genshin Impact’s Mystic Offering & Artifact Strongbox Needs More Set Variety

As Genshin Impact releases more and more content, players adapt to new team compositions and try new strategies in overcoming challenges. A large part of character building comes from the assembling of Artifact sets. Players may have an excess of 5-star Artifacts from unsuccessful Domain runs where they have failed to receive a usable piece for their characters. This can be especially frustrating for characters such as Pyro Polearm-user Hu Tao who requires all 4-pieces of the Crimson Witch Artifact set. Since 5-star Artifacts have high rarity, many opt to keep them as they are substantial EXP materials that can be used to level up future Artifact pieces.

However, not every player is lucky when it comes to RNG. They may have an excess of these fodder Artifacts, but no usable Artifacts to use them on. This can be a problem since there is only a finite number of Artifacts that can be held in the Inventory, and it is very easy for someone who farms Artifacts daily to be given the warning: “No space left in Inventory. Please free up some space and try again.” The Artifact Strongbox also does not help players who need Artifact sets from newer domains, especially if they have certain characters, such as Genshin Impact’s Arataki Itto, whose best Artifact set is Husk of Opulent Dreams, which was released in Version 2.3. To free space in the Inventory, players must then choose between sacrificing Artifacts to the Mystic Offering in exchange for a set they do not need, using these Artifacts as fodder for a substandard piece, or simply destroying the Artifacts.

To combat this struggle, the Artifact Strongbox should include all available Artifact sets and remain updated with each future addition. This way, players will be given a better chance to obtain the Artifact set they need by using the resources they already have. With this improvement, Genshin Impact players will be able to spend less time grinding for Artifacts and more time enjoying the game’s other aspects.

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