Genshin Impact's Battle Pass Needs New Weapons

Genshin Impact\’s Battle Pass has had the same content since the release of the game. The amount of Mora, Enhancement Ore, EXP Books, Talent Books, Primogems, and Fates (Wishes) has not changed, and likely will not be changed. Similarly, the weapons that are available with the purchase of the Battle Pass have also not changed. Therefore, players have had the same options for about one and a half years. While these weapons are good and worth the investment, it\’s time for HoYoverse to shake things up a bit.

The Battle Pass is available for any player that reaches Adventure Rank 20. Players can do various activities, like spending Resin, cooking food, crafting, and simply logging in, to generate points toward their Battle Pass progress and increase its level. Every level gives a free reward (plus an additional reward if the Battle Pass is purchased) up to level 50. At Battle Pass level 30, if the Battle Pass has been unlocked (purchased), players have the option to choose between one of five 4-star weapons.

All of these weapons have CRIT Rate as their main stat, which only makes them even more valuable. And some of these weapons, like Deathmatch and Serpent Spine, are some of the best of their type. While this is good and makes the Battle Pass worth the purchase, Genshin Impact could use a little more rewards. HoYoverse could design a second set of weapons, one for each type, and make the main stat on them CRIT Damage instead as if to make it the original set\’s counterpart. This new weapon set and original weapon set could alternate their place on the Battle Pass, just to give players something different to look forward to every Battle Pass Period.

Genshin Impact\’s Current Battle Pass Weapons Need A Change

There is one weapon of every weapon type (bow, catalyst, claymore, polearm, and sword), and each is very good, some being one of the best 4-star weapons of their respective type. The weapons are as follows:

(Bow) The Viridescent Hunt: Normal and aimed shots have a 50% chance to summon a cyclone which will slightly pull enemies and deal damage.(Claymore) Serpent Spine: The character equipping this weapon gains a stack that increases damage dealt and damage taken up to a total of 5 stacks and can only be lost by taking damage.(Catalyst) Solar Pearl: Normal attacks increase the damage done by the character’s Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst, while likewise, using the character’s Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst increases damage done by normal attacks.(Polearm) Deathmatch: If there are 2 or more opponents nearby, attack and defense are increased. Otherwise, just attack is increased by a larger amount.(Sword) The Black Sword: Increases damage dealt by normal and charged attacks, and heals the character when scoring a CRIT Hit.

Giving the Battle Pass new weapons would benefit everyone involved. HoYoverse would likely get an increase in Battle Pass Gnostic Hymn sales, and players would receive a new variety of good weapons. Some weapons, like the Viridescent Hunt, don\’t see as much use as others simply because the passive ability is not as good as some, like Serpent Spine. New weapons could give some characters like bow users more options. It can be difficult to get weapons that can stand up with the limited 5-star and some 4-star weapons on a lot of Banners, and light spenders could feel better about spending if they are getting even more out of their purchases in Genshin Impact.

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