Genshin Impact’s Best Character Backstories

Genshin Impact Shenhe Xiao

Genshin Impact is filled with beloved characters that stand out in different ways, from their design, abilities in combat, personalities, and stories. Some characters stand out greatly because of their loveable personas, like Arataki Itto, which bring a lot of fun and charm to the game. Others have emotionally gripping backstories that help players bond with them.
[Warning: This article contains spoilers for some Genshin Impact quests.]
Not all of Genshin Impact\’s characters are fully fleshed out, however, so to fully understand where a character comes from, players will likely have to wait for more story updates in Genshin Impact. Characters like Albedo, Dainsleif, and the Archons all obviously have more coming their way, so it can be difficult to fully judge them on their stories. Yet what players know so far about them is truly intriguing.

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Some characters have their backstories fully or almost fully finished, meaning that they can be judged in their completion. Some have more basic backstories or very vague ones that don\’t reveal too much, like Mona, Noelle, and even the Traveler. Yet some others are very in-depth and tell great stories that make them complex and interesting, and help players further fall in love with their characters.

Genshin Impact: Shenhe\’s Story Is Beautifully Bittersweet

Genshin Impact Shenhe Character Trailer

In Genshin Impact Shenhe is the soft-spoken, somewhat unfeeling disciple of the Adeptus Cloud Retainer. She was born with a violent spirit, and binds her soul to the red ropes she wears in order to suppress her homicidal tendencies. This causes most of her emotions to be suppressed, making her cold and distant, but she is also easily angered and will quickly resort to violence to resolve her problems. However, Shenhe is not malicious or evil and has simply been a victim of tragedy.

As players learn throughout the Archon Quest \”The Crane Returns On The Wind,\” Shenhe was born to a family of exorcists, but her mother became sick and died not long after. Her father was stricken with grief and decided that to bring his wife back he had to sacrifice Shenhe to a monster that was lurking in a nearby cave. However, Shenhe (gaining her Cryo Vision) refused to simply die and did battle with the monster, matching its power until Cloud Retainer found her and took her into the mountains. From there, Shenhe trained as Cloud Retainer\’s disciple, learning much about the Adepti and their arts, and has become a powerful force to reckon with. The official Genshin Impact YouTube channel has a beautiful music video that perfectly tells Shenhe\’s story in greater detail, and offers a bittersweet and hopeful look into her future as she wishes to fit back into human society. Shenhe\’s quest is one of the best that Genshin Impact has to offer, and weaves one of the game\’s best character stories.

Xiao Has One Of Genshin Impact\’s Most Painful Stories

Genshin Impact's Xiao and Venti cutscene

In Genshin Impact, a lot of Xiao\’s character centers around the suffering and karma that he is constantly enduring. In his youth, he was captured and enslaved by an ancient god that forced Xiao to do malicious and heinous deeds on its behalf, like consuming the dreams of others. Xiao was eventually saved by Rex Lapis, who was the one that gave him his name. After this, Xiao felt a deep loyalty to the Geo Archon, and his duty became to protect Liyue.
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Xiao is one of the Five Yaksha that made a contract with Rex Lapis to protect Liyue. However, Xiao is the only one that is still alive, as the rest of his fellow Yakshas had perished in combat. The newly released event quest \”Perilous Trail\” dives into the lore of the Chasm, and the player learns much about Xiao and his relation to Liyue and the other Yakshas. For example, Xiao tells the player that he used to go by the name Alatus around the other Yakshas, and had the official title of General Alatus.

Over time, however, the karma that Xiao and the other Yakshas were building up by constantly fighting against gods had begun to build too much, and the Yakshas began to be consumed by madness since their karmic debt was causing them intense physical and psychological pain. The number of Yakshas slowly began to dwindle, and now Xiao is the only remaining Yaksha of Liyue. He still deeply struggles with his karmic debt and even isolates himself from the rest of the world because of it. Xiao in Genshin Impact still suffers from the guilt of his past and the weight of the loss of his family, which is a burden he will unlikely ever lift from his shoulders.

Diluc Has A Surprisingly Tragic Backstory In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Characters With Birthdays In April 2022 Diluc

Genshin Impact players wouldn\’t know much about Diluc without either building friendship with him and reading his story or reading the Genshin Impact manga, which actually shares a lot about him. Even though nowadays Diluc hates the Knights of Favonius, Diluc used to be an excelling member of the Knights and even became Cavalry Captain himself before Kaeya. However, Diluc\’s father was also a revered member of the Knights of Favonius but he suffered a tragic demise due to the use of a Delusion, and all the Knights of Favonius cared about was covering up the death as best they could; specifically, a member of the Knights named Inspector Epoch told Diluc to cover up his own father\’s death. This caused resentment to build up in Diluc, who eventually left the Knights and became Mondstadt\’s Darknight Hero, claiming himself that the Knights are too slow to get anything done.  Even though Diluc has a cold and harsh exterior, he has a modest and kind temperament that is hidden underneath all of his tragedy.

All of the characters in Genshin Impact have interesting stories to tell, coming from different places around Teyvat and living through different times. Characters like Ganyu, Yae, and the Archons that lived during the Archon War have valuable lore to share about the history of Teyvat, but much younger characters like Kazuha, Childe, and Lisa also have intriguing and fascinating stories of their own. HoYoverse does not miss when it comes to fleshing out the characters of Genshin Impact, and Shenhe\’s story proves that they will just continue to get better.

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