Genshin Impact's Best Characters For Defeating Rifthounds

Rifthound enemies are a recent addition to Genshin Impact, released as part of the 2.2 update, Into the Perilous Labyrinth of Fog. They reside on Tsurumi Island in Inazuma, and can also be found in the Spiral Abyss, and are said to corrode everything they touch. Not long after these enemies were added to the game, some Genshin Impact fans wanted Rifthounds removed from the game altogether. These perilous enemies deal primary damage plus elemental damage in one of two elements: Geo or Electro. In addition to damage, Rifthounds deal Corrosion, a Status Effect and Ley Line Disorder that causes characters in the player’s party to lose HP continually. If that wasn’t enough, Rifthounds also have a Rage meter called Fury, which is a mechanic that grants enemies new abilities after filling up. In the case of Rifthounds, a full Rage meter makes them become more aggressive and fight more ferociously.

While some fans may be calling for Rifthound removal, it’s unlikely this will happen. Some fans previously called for Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn to be removed from the game as well, but to no avail. While Rifthounds are difficult to defeat, especially when in pairs or groups, it’s not impossible. Their attack patterns are predictable and repetitive, making them easier to anticipate and counter. What gives Rifthounds their more difficult edge is not their primary damage attacks, but their ability to inflict the Corrosion effect on an entire party, not just the active character. Additionally, their Rage meter makes fighting them more complicated than the average elite enemy. The key to defeating Rifthounds, like any enemy in Genshin Impact, is understanding their strengths and how best to counter them, as well as knowing their weaknesses.

Rifthounds start with the same resistance to all elements until their Rage meter is filled. Rifthounds are not the first enemy in Genshin Impact with a Rage meter, all Specters, Rifthounds, Pyro Hypostasis, and the Thunder Manifestation on Amakumo Peak have the same mechanic. When a Rage meter is filled, it grants the enemy new abilities. In the case of Rifthounds, the Rage meter accumulates as they are struck with an elemental attack of their affinity, for example, a Thundercraven Rifthound hit with an Electro attack.

When the Rage meter is filled to its maximum level, it disappears and the Rifthound’s fur will grow brighter as it enters its Devourer state, in which they will remain for the remainder of the fight. In the Devourer state, the Rifthounds become more aggressive and attack more fiercely, but their resistance to their elemental affinity is significantly reduced. This moment, when a Rifthound is vulnerable to the Genshin Impact element it is affined to, is the perfect time to attack a Thundercraven Rifthound with Electro or a Rockfond Rifthound with Geo.

Best Electro Characters For Defeating Thundercraven Rifthounds

Usually, when fighting an enemy in Genshin Impact, the enemy is immune to attacks from the same elemental affinity. For example, Anemo Slimes are immune to Anemo attacks. In the case of Rifthounds, using a party with characters with the same elemental mastery as the Rifthound enemies is a key factor to defeating them. Although Rifthounds will become more aggressive in the Devourer state, landing elemental damage using the same element of their affinity when a Rifthound is in its weaker state is the quickest way to defeat them.

However, when they are more aggressive, they will deal significant damage to your party, so make sure to bring a healer or remember to feed your entire party periodically. Potions and food with defense buffs can also help counteract the Corrosion affliction. Popular Electro characters in Genshin Impact for defeating Thundercraven Rifthounds are Raiden Shogun and Tartaglia (Childe).

Defeat Rockfond Rifthounds In Genshin Impact Using Geo Characters

Popular Genshin Impact Geo characters for defeating Rockfond Rifthounds are Zhongli, Albedo, and Ningguang, but any Geo character can be valuable in this fight if used correctly. Noelle is a solid option from the free characters for this fight, as she offers Geo damage, as well as a shield and ability to heal the team. A particular strength of Geo characters against Rifthounds, in addition to sharing an elemental affinity with Rockfond Rifthounds, is the ability to trigger the Crystallize elemental reaction.

The Crystallize elemental reaction will occur when Geo reacts with another element, increasing the damage caused. All Geo characters have the ability to trigger this elemental reaction. In addition to being able to trigger Crystallize, Genshin Impact\’s Zhongli recently received Geo buffs, and is also able to shield the party, offering a level of protection while contributing offensively too. It’s worth noting however that Corrosion is not stopped by shields, so unfortunately Zhongli’s shield will only protect against damage, not the Rifthound\’s Corrosion Status Effect.

Bring A Burst Healer To Counteract Corrosion Dealt By Genshin Impact Rifthounds

Many Genshin Impact players don’t use a healer in their party, instead favoring eating food to restore characters’ HP during fights. Against Rifthounds however, a healer is an integral part of the party, due to the Rifthounds’ ability to deal Corrosion. Corrosion is a Status Effect and Ley Line Disorder that slowly but continually removes HP from every member of the party, not just the active character. As a result, a healer, preferably a burst healer who can heal the entire party in one swift action, is a necessity when fighting and defeating Rifthounds.

Popular burst healers for fighting Rifthounds are Jean, Barbara and Qiqi. Healers that use Hydro like Jean and Barbara have the additional benefit that they can be used alongside a Cryo character to freeze Rifthounds in place, so players can then use their strongest DPS character to deal damage, while the Rifthounds are incapacitated. In Qiqi’s case, she is a Cryo character herself so can be used to both heal the party and freeze enemies simultaneously. Barbara, like Noelle, is a free character so is a reliable option for players who haven’t yet pulled or built out a 5-star healer.

Freeze Genshin Impact Rifthounds In Place Using Cryo Characters

Many Genshin Impact fans have taken to Reddit to discuss the best way to defeat Rifthounds. One common theme throughout the discussion is the necessity to bring a Cryo character who can freeze Rifthounds in place. As mentioned above, Qiqi is a strong option for this as she provides the additional benefit of being a healer. Ayaka is another popular choice among Genshin Impact fans, when paired with a Hydro healer, such as Barbara, Kokomi or Jean.

Diona, a 4-star Cryo healer, is also touted as a popular choice as she can also provide a shield to herself and the rest of the party, protecting from primary damage as well as healing the team to counteract the effects of Corrosion. Although not a Cryo character, Venti can be used effectively to the same effect, as his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst can be used to hold enemies in place for a period of time, rendering them defenseless. Venti’s Elemental Skill summons a Wind Domain at the enemy’s location, launching the enemy into the air, whereas Venti’s Elemental Burst creates a huge Stormeye that sucks in opponents.

The key to defeating Rifthounds is understanding their strengths, weaknesses and learning their attack patterns in order to effectively counter them. The best Genshin Impact team for defeating Rifthounds consists of a healer, a character who can freeze enemies in place, a Geo character for dealing damage to Rockfond Rifthounds, and an Electro character for dealing damage to Thundercraven Rifthounds. A healer is essential for restoring party members’ HP when afflicted by Corrosion. If one member of the party has a shield, this provides an added benefit by protecting the party from primary damage, especially during the Rifthounds’ more aggressive Devourer state.

While the best characters for each of these roles are often characters who can only be obtained using Genshin Impact’s gacha wish system, free characters can also be used effectively for each role. Barbara is a solid burst healer, who can be used alongside Kaeya to freeze enemies, whereas Noelle or the Traveller (Geo) can be used to break shields and deal Geo damage. Sucrose can also be used as an alternative to Kaeya to “freeze” enemies in place using her Anemo Elemental Skill or Burst, in a similar manner to Venti. Lisa is the only free Electro character early on in the game (as the Traveler’s elemental affinity to Electro cannot be unlocked until the player reaches Inazuma) so players may want to favor a strong DPS option such as Xiangling instead.

While Rifthounds are a perilous enemy is Genshin Impact, their attacks are predictable, their Corrosion can be counteracted through healing, and their elemental affinity can be used against them to fill their Rage meter and deal devastating damage. Rifthounds are undoubtedly one of Genshin Impact\’s most troublesome new enemies but, with the right party, they can swiftly and successfully be defeated.

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