Genshin Impact's Best Characters To Use With Yun Jin

Yun Jin is a 4-star Geo character being added Genshin Impact in the 2.4 update “Fleeting Colors in Flight\” being released on January 5, 2022. Yun Jin will be the second Geo polearm user to be added to Genshin Impact, with Zhongli being the first. Yun Jin will not have a Banner of her own, but instead, she’ll have an increased drop rate for both Banners available during phase one of Version 2.4. The double Banner for phase one is Shenhe’s Banner, “The Transcendent One Returns,” and a rerun of Xiao’s Banner.

Yun Jin works as a brewer and entertainer at the Heyu Tea House in Liyue Harbor. According to the owner of Heyu Tea House, “one performance by Yun Jin at our tea house rakes in enough Mora … for a whole month!” In the first video of Yun Jin from miHoYo, the Genshin Impact trailer at The Game Awards 2021, Yun Jin is shown singing and dancing. As well as being an opera singer, dancer, and playwright, Yun Jin is also the director of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe and is well renowned in Liyue Harbor\’s opera scene.

Yun Jin is a solid Geo Support character who can buff characters\’ Normal Attacks and provide a shield to the party. Yun Jin can fulfill the Support or Sub DPS role in any party that requires shielding or Geo resonance. Alongside Yun Jin as Support, a Main DPS character like Yoimiya will have the damage of her Normal Attacks boosted by Yun Jin. Hydro-wielding characters in Genshin Impact like Xingqiu or Mona suit the Sub DPS role here, as Hydro will react with Yoimiya’s Pyro to cause Vaporize damage. The best healer options to round out this party are Bennett, who can activate Pyro resonance with Yoimiya, or Noelle who can activate Geo resonance with Yun Jin.

Genshin Impact\’s Best Free-To-Play Characters To Use With Yun Jin

For players who are free-to-play, or in the early stages of their Genshin Impact journey, Yun Jin may be better suited to the Sub DPS role. Xiangling, a polearm-wielding Pyro character who is widely considered the strongest free DPS character, is the natural choice for the DPS role. In the Support role, Genshin Impact\’s Hydro-wielding Xingqiu or Cryo-wielding Kaeya can be used to create Vaporize or Melt Elemental Reactions when they react with Xiangling’s Pyro. To heal the party, Noelle and Bennett are both good options. Noelle can be used to activate Geo resonance with Yun Jin, while also providing shields to the party, whereas Bennett can be used to activate Pyro resonance with Xiangling.

From what is known about Yun Jin so far, it seems like she’ll be best suited to the Support and Sub DPS roles within a party. Yun Jin will be the second Geo attuned polearm user, after Zhongli, and one of many polearm users being added to Genshin Impact lately. In terms of her personality, Yun Jin was described by Ningguang as “elegant” and by Hu Tao as “graceful.\” As so much of her lore centers around the opera, fans will hopefully be treated to performances by Yun Jin in the future, especially if she gets a Story Quest. Yun Jin will be available with a drop rate boost on both Banners available during phase one of Genshin Impact’s Version 2.4, being released on January 5, 2022.

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