Genshin Impact's Best Support Characters

Genshin Impact Best Supports Zhongli Bennett Xingqiu

A lot of the fun that comes with Genshin Impact is in its teambuilding. Dreaming up team compositions with different characters and how they might work well together invites a lot of creativity in its players. However, building a strong team in Genshin Impact would be impossible without its supports.
While the big flashy damage numbers on screen make the DPS characters all the more inviting, getting these characters to have huge damage numbers would be rather difficult without the characters behind the scenes. Support characters in Genshin Impact provide all kinds of benefits to the main DPS on the field, like providing healing, shielding, boosting damage, and providing their own attacks to create elemental reactions. Supports are invaluable assets to any team and are basically those that work behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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However, not all supports are created equally. There are definitely those that stand out among the rest, making them much more valuable options than others. Many things factor into a support\’s usefulness, like their Element, the function of their Elemental Skills and Bursts, their Constellations, and the scaling of their abilities. So, which Genshin Impact support characters are best?

Bennett Is Simply An Outstanding Support In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Bennett’s Healing, DMG Support, and DPS Versatility

Bennett used to be looked down on by the Genshin Impact community, especially by its Western servers. However, Genshin Impact\’s Chinese community had figured out his true potential, and then he became meta on almost every single team in the game. All of Bennett\’s strength in Genshin Impact comes from just how powerful his Elemental Burst is.

Bennett\’s Elemental Burst, Fantastic Voyage, has him place a zone on the ground. Any character that is inside of this zone will have their HP healed over time, and they will also receive an attack boost based on Bennett\’s base attack stat. The reason that this is so powerful is because of the scaling of the attack boost that Bennett provides. For example, at Talent level 10, the bonus Bennett provides is 101%, which is basically Bennett giving his entire base attack stat to the character on the field. This means that giving Bennett a 5-star sword is very valuable since 5-star weapons in Genshin Impact have a high base attack. The damage bonus Bennett provides is so massive that it is sometimes more valuable to give Bennett a 5-star weapon over a DPS character.

Zhongli Provides Genshin Impact\’s Strongest Shield

Genshin Impact Zhongli 2.4 Bird Teaser

Zhongli is definitely a popular support for several reasons, but the biggest is because of how strong his shield is. By holding his Elemental Skill, Zhongli creates a shield around the player that scales with Zhongli\’s max HP, and also shreds nearby opponents\’ Elemental and physical RES by 20%, meaning that the shield also provides a large damage boost to the on-field character. The HP scaling on Zhongli\’s shield is rather high, 23% at Talent level 10, meaning that Zhongli\’s shield can absorb thousands of damage, a huge amount if he\’s built with as much HP as possible.
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Yet, Zhongli in Genshin Impact can also provide great damage with his Elemental Burst. If the player invests in also giving Zhongli some damage stats, Zhongli can provide a strong shield and also large bursts of damage whenever his Elemental Burst is up. His Burst also has the benefit of petrifying enemies hit by it for several seconds.

Venti & Kazuha Are Fantastic Anemo Supports In Genshin Impact

genshin impact anemo sigil

Venti and Kazuha share a similar role, but each provides something different to the teams that they are added to. While both are similar in that they can provide crowd control for enemies and utilize the Viridescent Venerer set to provide their team with bonus damage, they both have something that set them apart from each other. Venti\’s Elemental Burst in Genshin Impact has large crowd control value and can lift small enemies into the air and pull larger ones, providing his team with large windows to deal free damage, and also has high enough personal damage that he contributes greatly to his team\’s damage output whenever he swirls.

While the crowd control on Kazuha\’s Skill isn\’t as strong, Kazuha instead provides buffs to his team while he deals swirl damage. Whenever Kazuha swirls an Element, he gives his team a large damage boost of the Element that was swirled. And Kazuha, like Venti, also has great damage output since swirl deals great damage with high amounts of Elemental Mastery.

Fischl Is A Powerful Off-Field Damage Dealer In Genshin Impact

Fischl and Oz from Genshin Impact

Fischl is popular in many Genshin Impact teams for two reasons: the damage that she provides and how she functions as an Electro battery. Fischl works well when paired with any other Electro character that needs a bit more Energy, like Beidou and Yae Miko. Fischl places her raven Oz on the field, and he will passively attack enemies around him, dealing respectable damage and providing particles to the team.

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Fischl makes a lot of Electro-charged teams possible, like the popular taser team with Childe and Beidou. She simply provides so much energy to her team and can help her Electro teammates cast their Bursts on cooldown. Because of this, she makes a great Electro support in Genshin Impact.

Diona Excels At Both Shielding & Healing In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Dionas Birthday

Even though Zhongli has the strongest shield in the game, Diona is not far behind in Genshin Impact. Her shield also scales with her max HP, which is created every time her Elemental Skill is cast, and can become fairly strong when Diona has more HP. Diona also provides healing through her Elemental Burst, which will create a zone on the ground that will heal whoever is standing in it over time. Since Diona is a 4-star character, her constellations are much more accessible, and they are also very strong, like making her able to shield co-op teammates and have her Burst also provide an Elemental Mastery buff. Diona also works great with the Sacrificial Bow to keep her shield up at all times.

Xingqiu Is One Of Genshin Impact\’s Best 4-Star Characters

Genshin Impact Xingqiu Irodori Fesitval Leak

Xingqiu, similar to Bennett, fits into a massive amount of Genshin Impact\’s teams due to how valuable Hydro is as an Element, and how quickly Xingqiu is able to apply Hydro to enemies. While Xingqiu can provide small amounts of healing and damage reduction with his Elemental Skill, his Elemental Burst is where he shines. His Elemental Burst provides a buff to the active character, where their Normal Attacks will cause Hydro swords to strike the enemy, dealing damage and applying Hydro. This ability can apply Hydro incredibly quickly, making Xingqiu an essential choice for most Vaporize and Freeze teams.

Kokomi Is Genshin Impact\’s Strongest Healer

genshin impact kokomi birthday fan celebration

Even though Kokomi had a rocky debut with her inability to crit, she has proven that her healing value and Hydro application are simply outstanding. Kokomi\’s Elemental Skill places a jellyfish that will constantly heal surrounding characters and apply Hydro. The heal is incredibly massive, and the jellyfish applies Hydro with every tick, making Kokomi a reasonable replacement for Xingqiu if a Hydro applier is needed. Kokomi\’s Elemental Burst is also useful, which will deal a burst of damage around her and she will empower herself for 10 seconds, making her Normal and Charged Attacks scale with her max HP, and each of her attacks will heal the rest of the party greatly with every hit. Kokomi makes it difficult for anyone on the team to fall, which makes her such a valuable team member.

While all of Genshin Impact\’s supports have their place, some are more widely used than others, like Bennett and Xingqiu. Inazuma has seen some more niche supports be released, like Thoma and Gorou, so it leaves to speculation what kinds of roles the supports from Sumeru will fill. Either way, every support can enable some type of team composition, helping the main DPS characters shine in their spotlight from behind the scenes.

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