Genshin Impact’s Biggest Combat Issue Is Auto-Lock

When it comes to Genshin Impact’s gameplay, combat is a complex and engaging feature. Players are able to take advantage of the different combinations of Genshin Impact’s Elemental Reactions to multiply their damage numbers and defeat enemies with ease. However, combat’s implemented auto-lock feature needs improvement.

Genshin Impact’s auto-lock feature in combat is useful since there are vast areas to explore with plentiful enemies. This helps players target foes that may sneak up from behind, or enemies that have teleportation abilities. While auto-lock works well with Normal Attacks, this feature struggles most with the placement of Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts.

Characters such as Genshin Impact’s Anemo Archon, Venti have an Elemental Burst that targets a large area. With Venti specifically, he is able to summon a large Stormeye that acts as a vortex to pull in enemies and deal continuous Anemo DMG. However, despite the size of his Burst, Venti is not immune to misfiring. More often than not, Venti will lock on to the wrong enemy despite facing his intended target, causing his powerful Burst to fall short of its max potential.

Genshin Impact Needs To Fix Elemental Skill & Burst Auto-Lock Direction

Genshin Impact’s auto-lock feature tends to override the player’s set direction in favor of enemy proximity. In an attempt to fix this, players may move closer to their intended targets to force the auto-lock in place. This method is not guaranteed success every time since many enemies are capable of quick movements and may redirect the player’s attack at the last moment regardless. Abyss Mages in Genshin Impact are tricky opponents as they can teleport to and away from an attack. Players may be able to outsmart enemies and time their attacks intelligently, but the game is unable to do the same. With characters such as Diluc, whose Elemental Burst launches a large attack in a single direction, it becomes easy for auto-aim to fail.

This is especially frustrating with challenging Domains and Bosses with other players. As each player is allowed a single character in a four-person team, correct timing and placement of Elemental Skills and Bursts are vital in clearing challenges successfully. A misfired Burst – especially one that consumes a large amount of Energy – can set the entire team back since it may take some time before the Burst is ready once more. In order for Co-Op Mode in Genshin Impact to flow more smoothly, players should be allowed to choose the direction in which the Skills and Bursts move without being overridden.

The developers could incorporate a function that allows players to see the projected path of Elemental Bursts – most likely at a lower opacity – by holding down the Elemental Burst button. This would be similar to certain existing Elemental Skills such as Keqing’s where players are able to see the placement of the skill before activation. Once satisfied with the direction of the Burst, players can release the button in order to unleash the attack with full confidence in where it will land. By adding this improvement, Genshin Impact players will be able to depend on auto-lock in every situation.

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