Genshin Impact’s Biggest Domain Issues in Co-Op

When it comes to Genshin Impact’s Co-Op Mode, there are many activities in which players can participate with other Adventurers. From treasure hunting to Bossing, it is very common for players to team up with others in order to complete Domains in exchange for needed materials. However, queuing up for a Domain in Genshin Impact Co-Op has its downfalls as it places all of the set-up responsibility on the host.

All Domain rewards – such as Talent Books and Weapon Ascension materials in Genshin Impact – are made available on Sundays. This makes building characters much more manageable since it gives players a set day where they do not have to worry about time restrictions. Excluding Artifact rewards that are available every day, Talent Books and Weapon Ascension materials are only available three days of the week.

The trouble lies in the many options that come with setting up Genshin Impact\’s Domain as a host. On Sundays, each Domain can have up to a dozen listings due to four separate levels and three different types of materials. When players queue up for a specific Domain and material, there is a lull as the Party search completes. In this lull, players wait in the host’s world before the host decides on the Domain and sends an invite. This preparation step can often cause misunderstandings if players have not memorized the name of every Genshin Impact Domain and its specific reward; they may go in expecting one reward and end up with something different, which ultimately wastes the use of their time-locked Resin.

Genshin Impact Co-Op Needs To Allow Choices When Collecting Domain Rewards

Genshin Impact Co-Op Needs To Allow Choices When Collecting Domain Rewards

Because Genshin Impact\’s Co-Op hosts are given free rein in all World choices, it becomes very easy to make avoidable mistakes. Non-hosts are unable to see rewards for specific Domains while in the Party Set-up screen. This makes it difficult to confirm if the stage contains the reward that they need. Many players may simply assume the host is seeking out the exact same material, so the trouble may not begin until Resin is traded. By then, it would be too late.

Since enemies of each Domain challenge changes only by level and not material type, Genshin Impact should allow players to choose which materials they would like to be rewarded with upon claim. Seeing as Resin in Genshin Impact is a precious resource, players typically choose the highest-level challenge for each Domain in order to encourage item rarity. This means the problem usually lies in the material choice itself. If the choice is given to each member of the team rather than the sole host, players will be able to avoid unnecessary confusion and frustration.

Additionally, hosts should be allowed to re-challenge Genshin Impact\’s Domains as many times as they would like, regardless of Resin amount. Currently, hosts are only able to do this when challenging Domains from the outside following a prompt of confirmation. Genshin Impact should eliminate this extra step of leaving and re-entering in order for players to maximize time spent on earning materials.

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