Genshin Impact's Dvalin Boss Fight Recreated With LEGOs & It's Awesome

Genshin Impact's Dvalin Boss Fight Recreated With LEGO Stormterror

A Genshin Impact fan has recreated one of Genshin Impact\’s most iconic boss fights using LEGO, depicting the moment the Traveler and Venti confront Stormterror. Towards the end of the Archon Quest Prologue, players must enter Stormterror\’s Lair to help cure Dvalin, returning him to his former status as a protector of Mondstadt. Confronting Stormterror (Dvalin in his altered, aggressive form) is the first Trounce Domain that Genshin Impact players encounter and a pivotal moment in the storyline of Mondstadt and its Anemo Archon.
Dvalin is an Anemo-wielding dragon in Genshin Impact who once protected Mondstadt alongside the Anemo Archon Barbatos. After falling injured in battle, Dvalin became afflicted by Abyssal poison. As time passed, Dvalin\’s condition worsened as the poison corrupted his mind and turned him against Barbatos. As the poison continued to spread, Dvalin attacked Mondstadt, the region he once avidly protected. When the Traveler confronts Stormterror in his domain, they are tasked with destroying tainted blood clots on Dvalin\’s back to free him from the poison\’s hold.

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On the LEGO Ideas forum, ItzVriska shared their product idea for a LEGO set inspired by Genshin Impact\’s Dvalin boss fight. The set features the Traveler – with both Lumine and Aether options – and Venti, the vessel of Anemo Archon Barbatos, standing on a crumbling stone platform in Stormterror\’s Lair. The meticulous detail even displays the Anemogranas on either end of the platform, used to create wind currents and evade Dvalin\’s attacks. The star of the show is, of course, Dvalin, recreated in painstaking detail with a mouth that opens to depict Stormterror\’s earth-shattering roar.

Genshin Impact's Dvalin Boss Fight Recreated With LEGO Stormterror Venti Jean Cowering

A collaboration between Genshin Impact and LEGO isn\’t out of the question, as Genshin Impact has collaborated with numerous brands in the past. The collaborations have varied widely, from an unusual KFC Genshin Impact skin promotion to the addition of Horizon Zero Dawn\’s Aloy as a playable character, and multiple partnerships with electronics manufacturers like Razer and OnePlus. On LEGO\’s end, video game-themed LEGO sets are common, including ongoing collaborations with Super Mario and Minecraft.
The fan-made LEGO creation re-enacts one of Genshin Impact\’s greatest boss fights, immortalizing it in LEGO form. Hopefully, a Genshin Impact x LEGO collaboration could be on the cards in the future, transforming this Genshin Impact fan product idea into a reality. The demand for Genshin Impact collectibles and merchandise is high, as demonstrated by the response to the Paimon, Lumine, and Aether Funko Pop announcement, with the collection expected to sell out when it launches next month.

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