Genshin Impact's Endgame Content Needs More Than The Spiral Abyss

Currently, Genshin Impact\’s only endgame content is the Spiral Abyss. Most players, especially veterans who have played since the game\’s release, are running out of content and things to do, which is actually leading to a lot of player burnout. Genshin Impact is in desperate need of an addition that will give players a reason to keep playing after they\’ve done everything else.

The Spiral Abyss is available for players starting at Adventure Rank 20 and has been in the game since its release. It is a special type of Domain with multiple floors that players can challenge themselves with. The Spiral Abyss consists of two parts: the Abyss Corridor (floors 1-8) and the Abyssal Moon Spire (floors 9-12). While floors 1-8 give a reward only once after completion, floors 9-12 reset every two weeks so that players can challenge the new enemies that will appear in order to receive Primogems. Based on how quickly the player can clear the respective floor, they will receive 0-150 Primogems per floor.

It is fairly common for a lot of players to have completed a lot of what Genshin Impact has to offer by now. All current quests, events, and other things have been completed, leaving not much else for the player to do. While the Spiral Abyss does reset, giving players another challenge to earn Primogems, clearing the Spiral Abyss typically does not take a large investment of time. This leaves a player\’s Genshin Impact playtime to be greatly reduced, simply logging on to complete the Daily Commissions and spend their Resin for the day.

Why Genshin Impact\’s Endgame Needs More Than The Spiral Abyss

The Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact is also becoming more tedious and difficult with every patch. It continues to include boss enemies, enemies that can\’t or won\’t group together, and enemies with special gimmicks. The health pools of enemies in the Abyssal Moon Spire are also greatly inflated (namely on floor 12), meaning that unless a player is highly skilled or using meta teams, only players that spend money on the game for things like 5-star character Constellations, 5-star weapons, and extra Resin for more Artifact farming are likely to meet the time limit and get all 150 Primogems from each floor, especially floor 12, which is becoming incredibly egregious.

There are many things that HoYoverse could implement into Genshin Impact to give it more endgame content. Developers could add a multiplayer-type Spiral Abyss, playable with 2-4 players. Or, they could add another Spiral Abyss-type Domain, but the floors are seemingly endless and the player can climb as far as they can, receiving rewards based on how high they can climb. HoYoverse could add raids to the game, where a certain number of players (or even solo) could come together to defeat either waves of enemies or a rather challenging boss fight.

The rewards for other possibilities don\’t have to be Primogems, either. If HoYoverse doesn\’t want to increase the amount of Primogems a player can obtain per patch just through playing, they could add other rewards to these types of instances to incentivize players to farm them, such as an exclusive skin with a low drop chance (but not exceedingly low), weapon billets, or a new glider. Players want more reasons to play the game they love, so HoYoverse needs to step up Genshin Impact\’s endgame content.

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