Genshin Impact's Endgame Problem

As the second half of Genshin Impact\’s 2.5 update approaches, many late-game players are starting to feel the familiar feeling of burnout sink in as they continue to bulldoze through new content after reaching the endgame. Many players have already breezed through most of the Genshin Impact Three Realms Gateway Offering Event, despite still having three weeks left, but this is nothing new. Regardless of how long someone has been playing Genshin Impact, there isn\’t enough content to sustain the game long-term and players will start moving on unless there are changes.

When first picking up Genshin Impact, it feels like there\’s a lot of content to consume because it\’s an open-world game with so many quests to play through and land to explore. However, players will quickly discover that there is a limit to almost everything in Genshin Impact: chests don\’t respawn, there is a limit to the number of quests available, events are completely time-gated, and even materials in the overworld have daily resets. Even though the recent 2.5 update added new Genshin Impact story quests, most players finished them within the first couple of days of release. It doesn\’t matter how much time players take to complete the content, they will hit the end eventually whether they are the tortoise or the hare and once they do, there isn\’t much left to incentivize players to keep logging in besides daily commissions and weekly bosses.

What the endgame problem comes down to is Genshin Impact\’s lack of replayable content. In the year and a half since its release, there have been no additions to the late-game content, leaving only Spiral Abyss to offer any replayability. This is a huge issue because the game is still continuing to expand the world and the map. Map expansions are one way to add new and fresh content, but there is still a limit to those expansions and all the content included in them. Even with the long-awaited Chasm releasing in Genshin Impact\’s 2.6 update, players will still find themselves with the same problem as before once they have explored all that the Chasm has to offer, and this is a pattern that will continue. There are a lot of different ways to address the issue, and many of these solutions are aspects players have been asking to be implemented for a long time.

Genshin Impact Can Add More Endgame Spiral Abyss & Quest Content

Spiral Abyss is the closest thing to replayable endgame content Genshin Impact has, but it doesn\’t offer much value to players. Floors 9 and 10 have only received three updates total since the game\’s launch while Floors 11 and 12 are updated at least once a month. And once players reach the end of Spiral Abyss, there is nothing left to do besides try to beat previous times, but most average players don\’t bother replaying Spiral Abyss once they\’ve collected their 600 Primogems. One way to combat the endgame issue would be to finally substantively update Genshin Impact\’s Spiral Abyss. This could mean adding more floors past Floor 12 that contain more of a roguelike style of gameplay, similar to the Labyrinth of Warriors event. Another option could be creating new bosses and monsters that are specific to Spiral Abyss and are more difficult than the typical world bosses besides just increasing their HP to the millions.

Another easy solution to the endgame problem would be to fix Resin besides just increasing the cap. Original Resin was given an increase from 120 to 160 in Version 1.1 and has not been increased ever since, despite player requests. It takes eight minutes for one Resin to regenerate, so a full Resin refresh takes about 21 hours while bosses, leylines, and domains all consume at least 20 Resin. Players have been asking for some change to Genshin Impact\’s Resin for quite some time, and that change could be as simple as reducing the amount of time it takes for Resin to replenish from eight minutes to two or three. This would make farming for ascension materials much easier and would give late-game players more to do between updates when they\’ve completed all the available events.

There are still story quests that don\’t require Story Keys, or that have beginnings but no continuations since the game\’s launch. While most story quests above AR 30 require Story Keys players can gain via completing commissions, there are a few that don\’t require them from the very early game like Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa\’s. Over the last year and a half, these quests have not received any updates or continuations despite Noelle\’s Genshin Impact Hangout Event getting a sequel, and both the Raiden Shogun and Zhongli getting continuations.

However, making a story quest seems to require a lot of time judging by how infrequent the quest continuations are, so another solution around this would be to add more world quests. Side quests are always in abundance in other, larger games, so each update could have new world quests scattered throughout the map that take less time to make than story quests. Genshin Impact has previously added world quests between updates, both with the introduction of a new map and in older, previously explored locations.

Genshin Impact\’s Time-Limited Events Should Become Endgame Content

Some players have also been asking for several limited-time events to be made permanent in the game, the biggest examples being Genshin Impact\’s Windtrace Event, Theater Mechanicus, and Labyrinth of Warriors. These three events were extremely popular when they were released, and have aspects of endgame content that could be implemented into the game proper. Windtrace and Theater Mechanicus offer Co-Op opportunities with friends, and Labyrinth of Warriors, as previously stated, is a roguelike that randomizes its floors and could offer continuous, replayable content. All three offer players more activities to pass the time between updates and all three have been very well received.

Genshin Impact needs some sort of rewarding, replayable content for the long-term health of the game. While consistently putting out events on a regular schedule is one way to keep players from losing interest, it isn\’t sustainable. Most of the story quests behind some of the larger events such as the Genshin Impact\’s Shadows Amidst Snowstorms Event are only available for the duration of that particular event, and that\’s another way that Genshin Impact loses fans due to the lack of replayability – because new players won\’t have access to these quests, and players who like taking their time will be missing out as well. Making these quests replayable, along with adding more challenging, replayable, and engaging endgame content will help Genshin Impact continue to flourish in the coming years.

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