Genshin Impact's Golden Wolflord Boss Has An Invulnerability Glitch

An auto-targeting error has caused an invulnerability glitch with Genshin Impact\’s Golden Wolflord boss, especially for players assuming the role of Yae Miko. The Golden Wolflord boss joined Genshin Impact late last year in Version 2.3, allowing users to battle the mammoth-sized leader of the Rifthounds. This particular encounter takes place on Tsurumi Island, the Inazuma locale best known for the dense fog that coats the map.

Yae Miko counts as another relatively recent addition to the Genshin Impact experience. The five-star Electro Catalyst character entered the mix in the 2.5 update that launched a few weeks ago on February 16. As one would expect, her Electro element abilities make her quite formidable on the battlefield, thanks to powerful lightning strikes that range from Normal Attacks with three-hit combos to a Charged Attack capable of dealing significant amounts of area of effect damage. It seems, however, that even the incredibly powerful Yae Miko can only deal so much damage in certain situations due to a repeatable glitch.

While battling the Golden Wolflord boss on Genshin Impact\’s Tsurumi Island, Reddit user Krxnos (via GameRant) found themselves unable to finish the fight despite bringing the Rifhound leader down to less than half health. Krxnos noted this strange occurrence only happens on the right side of Golden Wolflord\’s body during the down phase and could likely be attributed to a hitbox issue. Other Genshin Impact players chimed in on the Reddit post as well, saying the title\’s \”janky\” auto-targeting system appears to exacerbate the problem. Krxnos later added that while their shared gameplay footage stems from an Abyss run, the exact same glitch crops up in the Overworld, too. Thus, this Golden Wolflord hiccup warrants consideration as a \”repeatable bug.\”

Since the issue could prove widespread, here\’s to hoping developer HoYoverse (formerly miHoYo) deploys a fix upon releasing Genshin Impact Version 2.6. When exactly the new update will go live currently remains unknown; however, the development team\’s pattern of releasing new patches every six weeks suggests 2.6 should arrive sometime before the end of this month.

Apart from teasing the explorable Chasm location during an Update 2.5 stream in mid-February, HoYoverse hasn\’t offered much in the way of concrete details about the next major Genshin Impact changes. Apparently, the Chasm will feature no less than two areas of exploration that include an above-ground space and underground mines. The crew at HoYoverse will undoubtedly begin sharing new information in the weeks ahead.

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