Genshin Impact’s Item Locking Feature Can Do More

In the vast world of Genshin Impact, players are able to collect a plethora of items throughout their journey and keep them stored in the Inventory. Among these items, players are able to collect Artifacts from the open world, Domains, and Bosses, as well as utilize Genshin Impact’s Wish system in order to obtain special weapons that cannot be acquired elsewhere. Players are given the ability to lock specific Artifacts and Weapons to prevent them from being used as Enhancement Materials.

This feature, though helpful, falls short of optimal use as it only allows players to lock Inventory items in two out of nine categories. In addition to Artifacts and Weapons, the Inventory consists of: Character Development Items, Food, Materials, Gadget, Quest, Precious Items, and Furnishings. Genshin Impact should enable locking on all items of every category in the Inventory rather than only Artifacts and Weapons.

The item locking feature is meant to prevent accidental usage of materials needed for building Genshin Impact’s best new weapons or perfecting 4-piece sets of a certain Artifact. This reasoning can extend to other materials in the Inventory as some items have multiple uses. For example, Liyue’s Local Specialty Qingxin is used as a cooking ingredient as well as an Ascension material for the characters Ganyu and Xiao. Players may unknowingly use hard-earned materials meant for Character Ascension in a certain dish or vice versa.

Genshin Impact’s Fully Lockable & Customizable Inventory

Genshin Impact’s Fully Lockable and Customizable Inventory

Many Genshin Impact characters share similar Ascension and Talent Level-Up materials with other characters or weapons. However, players may be set on building a certain character before anything else. Therefore, the locking of these materials can save players the struggle of accidentally using materials needed for their priority tasks. Full control over all collected items can contribute to helpful organization, collection, and tracking of much-needed materials.

In addition to aiding the collection of Ascension Materials in Genshin Impact, extending the lock feature will allow players to keep past mementos safe from accidental usage. On days of character birthdays, players are able to receive gifts in the mail such as specialty dishes made by the character. These can be especially significant if it is from a character that a player favors but has yet to obtain for their team. These dishes face the threat of being used in the midst of a battle as they are often difficult to discern from surrounding food items. Players may also want to keep unused event items as keepsakes, such as the Xiao Lantern from the Lantern Rite event.

The item locking feature can go even further. Similar to Genshin Impact’s Interactive Map function where players can set Custom Pins with descriptions, the developers should incorporate a feature that allows players the option to label and add descriptions to Inventory items. For example, it may be difficult to memorize which Talent Books are needed by each character. By allowing this feature to add a player’s own notes, it eliminates the need for players to constantly sift through multiple Menu screens or depend on outside sources loaded on an external web browser. Players will be able to find and keep all the information they need in one place. By incorporating these improvements to Genshin Impact’s item locking feature, gameplay can be much more efficient.

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