Genshin Impact's Kamisato Ayato Finally Gets Official Character Reveal

Ahead of the 2.5 livestream, the official social media account for Genshin Impact has revealed images and new information for Kamisato Ayato. Despite numerous leaks online that have pointed to Kamisato Ayato\’s arrival in miHoYo\’s free-to-play RPG, this marks the first time any information has been officially revealed. The new image of Kamisato Ayato points toward his character Banner in a future update, although miHoYo stopped short of confirming him for any specific Version.

In recent months, datamining efforts and beta leaks have shown Kamisato Ayato ahead of his official reveal. Genshin Impact is regularly datamined by avid fans looking for new details on the game and its future, which often reveals new information weeks – if not months – ahead of word from miHoYo. As such, fans have known some details on Ayato since last year. The character is head of the Kamisato Clan, becoming so after the passing of his parents. His sister, Cryo-user Kamisato Ayaka, became the face of the Kamisato Clan.

As officially revealed by Genshin Impact on Twitter, Kamisato Ayato is the Head of the Kamisato Clan and Yashiro Commission. He is expected to be a 5-star Banner character, although this hasn\’t been officially confirmed yet. miHoYo has confirmed, however, that Ayato is the brother of Kamisato Ayaka, and is a Hydro user in Genshin Impact. The image shows him with a sword, so that should be his primary weapon. In a quote attributed to Thoma, the post states the following: \”The game of politics is fraught with peril. My Lord does not take any joy in these \’battles.\’ For him, it\’s just… a matter of duty.\” This hints at the political turmoil that\’s present in Inazuma right now – and Kamisato Ayato\’s role there. The character reveal can be seen in the tweet below.

While there\’s no official confirmation yet about when Kamisato Ayato will become playable in Genshin Impact, given miHoYo\’s usual way of handling updates, it\’s likely Ayato will get a Banner in Version 2.6 rather than the upcoming 2.5 patch. Further details may possibly be coming later today, February 4, as part of the new Genshin Impact 2.5 Special Program livestream. Earlier leaks suggested Ayato might not be available until 2.6 or later, and with the latest social media reveals, this seems like the most likely release date for him.

Genshin Impact is always receiving new playable characters, however, so it\’s certainly possible Ayato will arrive later in Version 2.5 even if he\’s not in the livestream (similar to the surprise Banner Hu Tao received last year). Fans have been eagerly waiting to see Ayaka\’s brother in-game, so it\’s great to see he\’ll finally be playable soon. Hopefully, the wait for Kamisato Ayato in Genshin Impact is nearly over.

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