Genshin Impact's Kazuha, Shenhe & More Imagined In Alternate Costume Suits

Genshin Impact\’s Kazuha, Shenhe, and more have been redesigned in alternate costume suits by a self-titled \”Fatui Collector.\” The belligerent diplomats that make up the Fatui are just some of the challenges that players of Genshin Impact have been facing since the action RPG\’s debut last September.

Presently, Genshin Impact hosts over 40 playable characters, with miHoYo announcing more on the way. Geo characters Gorou and Arataki Itto were recently made available during the game\’s 2.3 update. Both characters also play a big part in Oni\’s Royale Event Wish, scheduled to run from December 14, 2021, to January 5, 2022. During the event wish, Gorou and Arataki Itto are scheduled to receive massive drop-rate boosts. Earlier this week, the publisher announced that Liyue natives Shenhe and Yun Jin will be playable characters soon.

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Shenhe was one of the characters imagined in alternate costume suits by Genshin Impact fan, aliceofoz, along with ten others. Illustrated in familiar manga style, the artwork was shared on the game\’s subreddit, receiving over 21,000 upvotes. The artist loves to illustrate characters in suits and has a Twitter page under the handle AraAraImpact, where she displays her creations. The illustrated collection includes eleven characters from the game, all wearing stylish outfits from the artist\’s imagination. The collection features Shenhe wearing a gray-colored suit with a sheer mesh top, Anemo-powered Kazuha in a blood-red suit to match his eyes, and Mondstadt bard Venti in a black tuxedo, complete with a green vest and bow-tie. Other characters included in the collection are Gorou, Kokomi, Xiao, Xinyan, Xingqiu, Albedo, and Scara.

aliceofoz seems to also big a big fan of Genshin Impact\’s female Traveler Lumine. The artist offers two separate outfits for the twin sister of Aether: a white suit complete with a blue and white striped tie and an assemble consisting of a white shirt, black slacks, and light-green tie and scarf.  In her second outfit, Lumine is paired with Xiao, wearing a dark suit and brandishing his Polearm. This is far from the first piece of fanart to be produced by the Genshin Impact community; ever since the game launched last year, players have been showing their support for the title in all manner of creative ways.

Alternate outfits are included for some of the characters as a monetization option or as part of an event, but none of them are close to a three-piece suit. Perhaps a tuxedo or a white three-piece suit might not be a practical choice while combating Hilichurl Berserkers or Ruin Cruisers. However, if miHoYo ever decides to add a soiree to a future Genshin Impact update that calls for that type of attire, the publisher could perhaps turn to aliceofoz for inspiration.

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