Genshin Impact's Labyrinth Warriors Is Perfect Endgame Content

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play RPG that has become immensely popular. Many gamers praised Genshin\’s fun gameplay, its beautiful open-world, and its creative characters. Despite offering plenty of exploration, story, and side quests, the game\’s biggest weakness is the lack of endgame content. For players who completed most of the available quests, there isn\’t much to do aside from farming for EXP, Mora, or Artifacts, which can be a chore. With the introduction of the new Labyrinth Warriors Event, miHoYo should consider making it a permanent system for the game.

The Labrinth Warriors Event in Genshin Impact is a rogue-like dungeon quest where players travel through a maze battling enemies and unlocking upgrades. Gamers will choose four primary combat characters and four support characters that could replace the active members. Careful strategy is required as creating a balanced team of strong damage dealers, healers, and supporters are essential. Aside from selecting characters, players will need to choose charms known as Shikifuda that provide various buffs. Players can also upgrade these charms for stronger effects.

Within the dungeon, gamers will need to travel to different stages while avoiding traps that can hurt or debuff characters. Upon arriving at a Stage Trial, players need to interact with an Emplacement to continue, but each trial either summon enemies, offers additional buffs/curses, or heals the party. Players are encouraged to obtain Aged Tokens in Genshin Impact, which are event currency used to trade for items at the shop. The Labyrinth Warriors event offers fun gameplay mechanics for players to enjoy and should be a permanent system like the Spiral Abyss. If miHoYo decides to keep the Labyrinth Warriors Domain, it\’ll incentivize fans to continue playing Genshin Impact even after completing most quests.

Genshin Impact Lacks Endgame Content But Labyrinth Warriors Could Fix That

Genshin Impact offers plenty of side events for players to enjoy after completing the main story. The Spiral Abyss offers challenging timed battles that reward gamers based on performance. miHoYo introduced several character-focused story quests that give players an opportunity to learn more about an individual\’s backstory. Genshin Impact\’s Character Hangout Quests are also popular among fans thanks to the creative branching storylines and multiple endings. With so much content in Genshin Impact, players starting out will no doubt invest plenty of hours into the game, but once everything is completed and exploration is finished, there\’s little to do afterward.

Most of the endgame content in Genshin Impact is relatively short and once completed, there\’s little incentive to replay it unless there are new rewards offered. The Spiral Abyss floors 9-12 reset every two weeks, leaving players nothing to do once it\’s cleared. There are plenty of world side quests to accept from NPCs, but many objectives are typical RPG fetch quests that offer minor rewards. Other tasks players can do in Genshin Impact are farming for Artifacts or upgrading characters and pieces of equipment, but that leads to another known problem in the game.

Genshin Impact Endgame: Resin System Is Still An Issue

Genshin Impact\’s Resin mechanic limits players from essentially playing the game. In order to upgrade characters, Ascension items must be obtained by defeating world bosses. Users have a 160 Resin cap and for every eight minutes, one Resin will restore. Some bosses will take 40 Resin or 25% of the overall cap meaning players can only complete four boss runs in one sitting. Boss battles in Genshin Impact are also relatively short and will take only a few minutes to complete. Once Resin is depleted, gamers will need to wait hours before continuing.

Resin also limits how much a player can farm Mora and EXP for characters, which are simple items used for progression, again restricting the game\’s overall playability. Artifacts farming in Genshin Impact is the common endgame grind for most players due to the lack of content. The randomized drops of Artifacts and the RNG sub-stats for each piece of equipment can turn an otherwise tedious grind into a fun chore, but Resin is again an issue for continuous play.

miHoYo has shown slight progress in fixing the Resin issue. The original Resin cap started at 120 but was increased to 160 allowing players to play slightly longer in one sitting. Genshin Impact\’s Battle Pass was changed to offer a few Fragile Resins, which is an item used to immediately restore 60 Resins. If players decide to buy the Gnostic Hymn, five additional Fragile Resins will be offered. During the game\’s Version 1.4 update, Condensed Resin was increased allowing players to manage Resin better. Despite Genshin Impact\’s change in the Resin system, miHoYo needs to continue fixing the existing issues.

Genshin Impact\’s Labyrinth Warriors Offers A Fun Alternative To Endgame Farming

Genshin Impact thrives on fun and repeatable content. The game needs to introduce different mechanics otherwise gameplay may become stale. The Labyrinth Warriors is a great domain that offers randomized elements to prevent repetitiveness. Each run offers different stages and trials, along with treasure chests players can obtain as a reward. The multiple traps and curses can mix the combat up with challenging scenarios for gamers.

Offering rewards like Primogems and other useful items like Talent upgrade materials are great incentives for Genshin Impact players. Gamers are more likely to repeat a quest if there\’s a chance to gain rewards. The Labyrinth Warriors could be a bi-weekly domain similar to the Spiral Abyss. If miHoYo doesn\’t start implementing more permanent events similar to Labyrinth Warriors then Genshin Impact players may slowly quit due to the lack of content. It\’s been a known fact that players usually play the game less after the first two weeks of an update. This is because there\’s little to do after completing the events after an update arrives.

The fact miHoYo also implements a time lock to continue events also shortens a player\’s overall playtime. Despite having some noticeable problems like the limited Resin or a lack of endgame content, miHoYo is known to experiment with different ideas. Genshin Impact consistently improves content between updates and currently offers countless amounts of quests and exploration for players to enjoy. Whether the game adapts more permanent events remains to be seen, but there\’s no doubt Genshin Impact\’s popularity continues to grow in the gaming community.

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