Genshin Impact’s Most Confusing Enkanomiya Mechanisms Explained

Genshin Impact’s Version 2.4 update brings the new, underground region of Enkanomiya. It lies underneath Watatsumi Island – home to Hydro-user Kokomi in Genshin Impact – and contains a myriad of puzzles that differ from the other regions of Teyvat. Because of the considerable difference in its ecosystem, players will have to approach each puzzle differently than they would for others.

To unlock the Enkanomiya region, players must be Adventurer Rank 30 or above. Players must also complete the Archon Quest “Chapter II: Act I – The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia.” When complete, the World Quest “The Still Water’s Flow” and “The Moon-Bathed Deep” will be available. These quests require the Traveler to help the Shrine Maiden Tsuyuko unlock the seals guarding Enkanomiya’s entrance. From then on, players will be able to access Enkanomiya via the deep pool near Sangonomiya Shrine on Watatsumi Island.

Enkanomiya brings challenges unlike the ones seen in Inazuma. Because Enkanomiya lies underneath Watatsumi Island in Genshin Impact, there is no sun. The region follows the Dainichi Mikoshi, which is Enkanomiya’s official sun that is able to shift between Whitenight and Evernight. Many Enkanomiya mechanisms are directly influenced by this shift, which adds an extra layer of difficulty to its puzzles and can make things confusing for players – especially upon their arrival there.

Genshin Impact: Enkanomiya’s Shifting Triangular Mechanisms

Triangular Mechanisms in Enkanomiya are recognizable by their triangular-shaped forms. These mechanisms contain the outline of a cube in the center of its triangular arch. If players can only see the demolished base of the mechanism, they should switch to the opposite cycle of Whitenight or Evernight. Players must use attacks – whether Normal or Elemental – in order to activate these mechanisms. Triangular Mechanisms often hold the key to solving puzzles that have walls or gates that need to be moved or adjusted, such as the Great Door Puzzle in Genshin Impact. If players find a Triangular Mechanism, it is very likely that there is a corresponding structure nearby by requires its activation.

Genshin Impact 2.4: Enkanomiya’s Ghostfish Can Help Players Float

Similar to Mondstadt’s Anemo currents, Ghostfish in Enkanomiya allow players to ride alongside them, giving them a lift into the air. Ghostfish are represented by an iridescent sphere with three fish-shaped orbs floating around it. Players should glide into the Ghostfish from a decent vantage point to avoid straying too low. It is best to stay in the center of the Ghostfish, as players will be left behind if they fall out of the Ghostfish’s sphere. Ghostfish are key to unlocking Enkanomiya’s full map in Genshin Impact, as some of these can help players reach certain wormhole portals that reveal hidden areas.

Genshin Impact: Places of Essence Worship in Enkanomiya

Enkanomiya’s Places of Essence Worship are altars that contain the power of Whitenight and Evernight. These altars give players the ability to carry energies of either state for use in the opposite day-night state. For example, if a single puzzle requires the use of both states for different mechanisms, players will be able to carry the energy of Whitenight – which manifests in the form a revolving orb – and bring it into Evernight after switching states. Players will able to differentiate the two since the Places of Essence Worship for Whitenight are called Suncores and are yellow in color, while Evernight’s Mooncruxes are blue.

Genshin Impact: 5 Types of Key Sigils & Their Seals

Players are first introduced to Key Sigils in the World Quest, “The Moon-Bathed Deep.” The Key Sigils in Enkanomiya serve a similar purpose to the ones in Watatsumi Island. There are a total of five types of Key Sigils found throughout Enkanomiya. Similar to Genshin Impact’s Anemoculus, they appear on the map in a rhombus shape along with a sound when players are within range. In the open world, these Key Sigils glow blue and contain one of the five unique symbols within the rhombus frame. Players will be able to check how many Key Sigils of each type they possess in the Precious Items tab of the Inventory.

As players explore Enkanomiya, they will come across Seals that require the corresponding Key Sigil in order to unlock. Locked seals are indicated by a blue color with a hexagonal star-shaped frame. Players will be prompted to Unlock them if they stand beside it. Unlocked Seals will be yellow in color and will not have a surrounding frame. This way, players will be able to differentiate between the two. There are plenty of Key Sigils located in Genshin Impact, and these will play a large role in solving puzzles. If players have trouble finding the Key Sigil’s exact location despite following the Minimap, the Key Sigil may be high in the sky or deep below the ground.

Genshin Impact: Sunfire Phantasms Contain Hidden Secrets

Sunfire Phantasms are distortions that are visible in Whitenight. These distortions can indicate the place of Sinshades in Genshin Impact, which are spectral afterimages similar to Tsurumi Island’s illusions. In order to reveal these Sinshades, players must switch to the Evernight as all Sinshades are only visible during this state. Sunfire Phantasms can also reveal hidden parts of a puzzle. For example, if players unlock all visible Seals but are not rewarded with a chest, there may be hidden Seals of that set. Players should check nearby for Sunfire Phantasms, as they can reveal the remaining Seals of the puzzle when switched to Evernight in Genshin Impact.

Enkanomiya is home to many tricky puzzles and memories of a bygone era. By understanding the region’s mechanisms, players will be able to navigate the mysterious terrain without added difficulty. Players will be faced with new monsters, Sinshades with unresolved stories, and information that could impact the main storyline regarding Celestia and its goals. As players explore the underground region, they will be able to uncover Enkanomiya’s past, present, and how the region may tie into Genshin Impact’s future.

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