Genshin Impact’s Most Meticulous Commissions

Among the daily tasks in Genshin Impact, players are able to complete and claim rewards for four Commissions. Administered by the Adventurers’ Guild, players are able to earn Primogems, Mora, and Friendship Levels in Genshin Impact. However, unlike Archon and World Quests, it is possible for players to receive a Daily Commission more than once.

As Daily Commissions are refreshed with every server reset, players may receive a Commission they have already completed in the past. This may happen multiple times. Some of these Commissions may be simple repeats, while others may need certain criteria met in order to advance to the next quest. Players must pay special attention to these Commissions in Genshin Impact if they would like to proceed.

As Commissions depend on in-game RNG, players may receive one part of a long line of quests days, weeks, or months away from the next. To avoid this, it is important to take note of Commissions given by specific NPCs and if players are given certain choices that affect outcomes. If players complete these Daily Commissions correctly, they may be able to earn various Achievements in Genshin Impact. However, some Commissions in Genshin Impact are harder than others.

Genshin Impact Commission: Ella Musk’s Language & Poetry Exchange

Ella Musk is young girl from Mondstadt who studies Hilichurlian linguistics. Her Commission, “Language Exchange” involves testing her studies of the Hilichurlian language by speaking to Hilichurls. Players will have to lend their presence to Ella Musk as she successfully communicates with them. This Commission differs from others as players will need to avoid startling the Hilichurls, which ultimately fails Ella Musk’s goal.

The second part of this questline is the Commission “Poetry Exchange.” This Commission involves a similar goal, although this time it is the traveler who must successfully communicate with the Hilichurls. Similarly, if players startle the Hilichurls, they may need to defend Ella Musk against shielded enemies in Genshin Impact. By using Ella Musk’s Draft Lines of Hilichurlian Poetry, players must successfully conduct an exchange between the Hilichurls while maintaining peace. Doing so will prompt the Hilichurls to dance in joy.

Correctly completing “Language Exchange” rewards the player the “…Odomu?” Achievement while completing “Poetry Exchange” rewards the “Yo dala?” Achievement. If both Achievements are obtained, players will also receive the Namecard from Olah!: Series I, “Achievement: Hill Dwellers.” As these are Daily Commissions from Mondstadt – the first released region – these quests may be familiar to many players by now.

Genshin Impact: Reliable Helper Quest From Snezhnaya’s Tsarevich

“Reliable Helper” is a Commission in Genshin Impact obtained from the NPC Tsarevich, who can be found near the Windwail Highland in Mondstadt. He is from Snezhnaya – as is Genshin Impact’s 5-star Hydro Bow-user Childe – and completing his Commission correctly will award players the Achievement “Perfectionist” from Snezhnaya Does Not Believe in Tears: Series I. This Daily Commission involves following Tsarevich’s directions flawlessly for all three task variations. This can be especially difficult as there are outside factors that can impact the player’s success.

For example, the first route requires players to defeat all the enemies and return within one minute. The second route requires players to defeat the enemies without destroying any nearby crates or structures. Lastly, the third route requires players to defeat the enemies in a specific order for a flawless completion. Players will need to obtain this Commission three times minimum in order to perfect each route for the Achievement. As Commissions in Genshin Impact are based on in-game RNG, this can be especially difficult to achieve if players are unprepared to meet Tsarevich’s exact requirements.

Liyue’s “Good Sign” Daily Commission in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s Liyue Commission “Good Sign” involves the NPC Zhihua as he asks the Traveler to search for positive signs as indicators for his path to finding a soulmate. There are five positive signs that players can find, but only two are available at random. This is another Commission that requires multiple tries to complete. The positive signs include peaceful gatherings of pigeons, dogs, and a cat with some fish. Finding all five positive signs grants the players the Achievement “Love Is All Around.”

Additionally, players have the option to ruin the signs of love. This could mean hunting the pigeons or scaring the dogs away for blowing away leaves. By soiling four signs of love, players will earn the Achievement “Open to Interpretation.” Since these Achievements have opposite requirements, it will take players a minimum of five repetitions in order to obtain both Achievements.

Genshin Impact Daily Commission: O’ Archon, Hear Me In Inazuma City

“O Archon, Hear Me!” is a Commission given by the NPC Shouta in Inazuma in Genshin Impact. Players will need to assist Shouta as he determines the best offering to influence divine intervention from the Raiden Shogun. Choosing to place a Tricolor Dango will prompt an investigation spot to appear beside the offering after the next server reset. Despite the mysterious item that is obtained from the spot, this is not required to prompt the second installment of this Commission questline.

After completion of the first quest, the Commission “O Shrine, Show Your Power Once Again!” is not guaranteed to begin during the next day’s reset. Players will need to depend on in-game RNG once more to obtain this Commission. This quest involves players choosing from two other shrines to place another sweet item in offering. Players will need to obtain this second Commission twice in order to place offerings at both shrines. This is what progresses the questline to the next segment.

Completing these Commissions correctly will allow players to obtain the World Quest, “O Archon, Have I Done Right?” which will mark the end of this questline. Hidden Achievements in Genshin Impact are already tricky to obtain, though RNG can influence players’ progression in those locked behind Commissions. These are among the few Genshin Impact Commissions that must be considered carefully if players want to receive all possible rewards and Achievements.

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