Genshin Impact's Most Popular Characters To Cosplay, According To Data

Genshin Impact Cosplay Most Popular Characters

Recent analysis of Google search data has identified the most and least popular characters to cosplay, which unsurprisingly includes several characters from the popular action RPG Genshin Impact. Since its release, Genshin Impact has been a popular source of inspiration for cosplay, with many fans choosing to bring the game\’s playable characters to life, and sometimes even Genshin Impact\’s NPCs, through cosplay. Though each new update for Genshin Impact introduces new characters, giving cosplayers a wealth of characters to choose from, the recent search data analysis revealed the Genshin Impact characters that are clear favorites among the community.

Cosplay continues to grow in popularity and prevalence thanks to cosplay conventions, the rising popularity of manga and anime, as well as cosplayers gaining audiences on social media and livestreaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube. With the cosplay market expected to reach $23 billion by the year 2030, the phenomenon shows no signs of stopping any time soon. Video game characters remain some of the most popular characters to cosplay, alongside characters from popular manga and anime.
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According to electronics retailer Ebuyer, which analyzed cosplay-related Google search data from Linkfluence¬≤, Bakugou from manga series My Hero Academia came out on top as the most popular character to cosplay, receiving the highest positive sentiment. Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy came in second, making her the top video game character to cosplay on the list. According to this, the most popular Genshin Impact character to cosplay was Paimon, the Traveler\’s NPC companion, though her positive to negative sentiment ratio was unsurprisingly an even split, as Paimon is one of the most divisive characters in Genshin Impact, often leaving players wondering if Paimon is even the Traveler\’s friend or actually a foe.

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The second Genshin Impact character to appear on the list of the most and least loved characters to cosplay was Shenhe, a 5-star Cryo character who wields a polearm and a relatively recent addition to Genshin Impact. Introduced as part of the game\’s 2.4 update, Genshin Impact\’s Shenhe immediately became a fan favorite thanks to her role as a powerful Cryo Support character, as well as her stunning character design.
The third and final Genshin Impact character to appear in Ebuyer\’s list is probably the most surprising. Arguably Genshin Impact\’s weakest playable character, Amber is a 4-star Pyro character who wields a bow. Despite her status as the Genshin Impact character most in need of a buff, outrider Amber gained popularity due to her prominent role in Genshin Impact\’s early storyline, introducing the Traveler to the Knights of Favonius, as well as teaching players how to use a glider.

Though Ebuyer\’s findings should be taken with a grain of salt, since it\’s based on Google searches, the company provides an interesting insight into the growing popularity of cosplay, as well as audiences\’ attitudes toward certain video game, anime, and manga characters. Although Paimon is one of the most common Genshin Impact characters to cosplay, Ebuyer\’s analysis highlights that Genshin Impact fans remain divided on whether they like the Traveler\’s loud, high-pitched companion. As Genshin Impact continues to add new characters with every update to the game, it\’ll be interesting to see which Genshin Impact characters, new and old, spawn the most cosplays in the years to come.

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