Genshin Impact's Most Popular Characters To Main, According To Reddit

Genshin Impact Most Popular Characters To Main According To Reddit - Hu Tao & Raiden Shogun

A Genshin Impact player has provided insight into Genshin Impact\’s most popular characters to main, ranking them based on the number of members in each character\’s subreddit. Though not an exact science, the ranking provides interesting data about Genshin Impact players and their favorite characters; some are the clear leaders of the pack, despite Genshin Impact having a vast character roster that now exceeds fifty playable characters.
The range in membership between the Genshin Impact character main subreddits is huge, ranging from a modest 2,700 all the way up to an astonishing 76,500 members. Interestingly, the data shows a correlation with other trends in Genshin Impact, such as the popularity, or unpopularity, of certain playable characters. For example, it\’s unsurprising that the subreddit for Genshin Impact\’s Aloy mains is the least popular, as Horizon Zero Dawn\’s protagonist is widely considered one of the weakest playable characters in Genshin Impact, whose abilities don\’t live up to her status as a 5-star character.

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According to the post by Genshin Impact player Cqmilian, the most popular Genshin Impact character main subreddit is currently r/HuTao_Mains, closely followed by r/RaidenMains, dedicated to the Raiden Shogun. Hu Tao is one of the top DPS characters in Genshin Impact currently, famed for her high base attack and CRIT damage. It\’s not surprising that the Raiden Shogun is a close second, as the fan-favorite character had the highest-grossing debut banner of any Genshin Impact character. Additionally, the Raiden Shogun and Kokomi\’s double banner was the second highest-grossing Genshin Impact banner ever, after the rerun of fellow 5-star character Kamisato Ayaka.

Most Popular Characters To Main In Genshin Impact 2022

Genshin Impact's Popular Characters To Main - Yanfei

Genshin Impact\’s 4-star characters have a lot fewer members in their respective subreddits when compared to the game\’s higher-rarity, 5-star characters. Based on subreddit membership, the most popular 4-star character to main in Genshin Impact is Pyro character Yanfei, an impressive Main DPS character who wields a Catalyst. At the bottom of the 4-star pack are Diona and Barbara, whose subreddits are tied at 2,700 members. Maybe one of the biggest surprises in the data is Amber who, despite being considered one of the worst playable characters in Genshin Impact, has one of the most popular subreddits out of the game\’s 4-star characters, with over 12,000 members.

As Genshin Impact\’s roster of playable characters expands with each new update, including an influx of new characters arriving with the new Dendro region of Sumeru, the most popular characters to main will likely change over time. Newcomer playable characters could overtake the existing leaders, especially as Genshin Impact\’s player base continues to grow rapidly, with each new update breaking previous sales records. It\’s interesting to observe the trends in popularity of Genshin Impact\’s characters, how it changes over time, and, of course, how it translates into record-breaking revenue for Genshin Impact.

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