Genshin Impact's New 1-Year Anniversary Gifts Are Good, But Not Enough

miHoYo has recently received a great deal of backlash from gamers following Genshin Impact\’s first-year anniversary, which left many fans of the game disappointed. The anniversary was a highly anticipated event for many fans, but due to underwhelming rewards, many Genshin Impact players expressed disapproval and anger in various ways, including review bombing the game on Steam.

Genshin Impact\’s developer miHoYo revealed multiple events to celebrate the anniversary. This included web events, creative competitions where participants can win physical prizes, and log-in bonuses. Despite the events, one major issue pointed out by the community is that only winners of the competitions are rewarded. For the \”Passage of Clouds and Stars\” daily login event, rewards were lackluster, giving players 80,000 Moras, a few EXP items, and a total of 10 Intertwined Fates, which amounts to ten summons on limited time Banners in the game\’s gacha system.

After the severe backlash from players, miHoYo added new rewards to Genshin Impact\’s Anniversary. Gamers received 400 Primogems and a new wind glider cosmetic called the Wings of Shimmering Galaxy. Players will receive the new items within the account\’s mailbox when logging into the game. Despite adding new gifts, the rewards aren\’t looking like enough to satisfy displeased gamers. A single pull on Genshin\’s Banners requires 160 Primogems. With 400 Primogems, gamers can only pull twice on Wishes, which may not be helpful due to low gacha rates. It seems miHoYo might have done better to offer rewards to help players progress.

Helpful Rewards miHoYo Could Give To Players In Genshin Impact

Progression in Genshin Impact is an important element in the game. Though the difficulty isn\’t particularly hard, players can struggle on performance-based events like the Spiral Abyss. One way to help players is to offer more Primogems as an anniversary award. Accounts naturally become stronger when pulling and obtaining new characters or weapons. Offering large amounts of in-game currency for gamers to use on Banners has always been a tradition when compared to other gacha games. Unfortunately, Genshin Impact\’s lackluster anniversary rewards have thus far run the risk of making players feel unappreciated.

Aside from Primogems, there are other gifts miHoYo can offer to show the company\’s appreciation to fans. Offering a free 4-star or 5-star character or weapon would certainly help, especially for free-to-play players. Other gifts could include multiple Fragile Resin to help gamers farm since Resin is still an issue for most. A unique anniversary gift could also be allowing all players to choose a single free 4-star weapon from the Battle Pass, which currently can only be obtained by purchasing the Gnostic Hymn. Perhaps miHoYo will reveal additional awards during Genshin Impact\’s Version 2.2 livestream. Three more surprise gifts are supposed to be coming, but just what they might be remains to be seen.

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