Genshin Impact's New Character Kokomi Has Players Torn

Kokomi, the latest addition to Genshin Impact\’s roster of playable heroes, has become quite divisive among the title\’s fanbase. miHoYo\’s action role-playing game is constantly expanding, with updates adding new playable characters and quest lines. September 21 saw the release of Kokomi to Genshin Impact, a brand-new 5-star Hydro user with an unusual set of abilities.

Compared to Genshin Impact\’s other Hydro fighters, Kokomi manages to stand apart while also sharing many of the same combat tools. Like other Hydro characters, Kokomi utilizes water-based magic to both attack enemies and heal her teammates. An interesting aspect of Kokomi\’s skillset is the fact that her attack damage scales based on her health points, allowing her to dish out a lot of damage to her foes. Her Elemental Skill can simultaneously heal allies and deal area-of-effect damage to enemies, making her a flexible character to control. The new character\’s most notable and criticized attribute, however, is the fact that Kokomi has a negative crit rate. This means that it is impossible for her to score critical hits on enemies, a fact that has most Genshin Impact players disregarding her very soon after her arrival.

Several posts on Genshin Impact\’s subreddit from users ValhallaKombi and rosecoredarling demonstrate how divisive Kokomi\’s addition to the game has become for its player base. Many players feel that the Hydro priestess\’ abilities lack cohesion, turning her into an unorganized character to control and play. Others within the Genshin Impact community feel that Kokomi\’s kit is innovative and unique, and express that criticizing fans who enjoy the new character is unwarranted. In either case, the differing viewpoints have led to an abundance of infighting amongst the role-playing game\’s most devoted players.

Amongst widespread fan derision of Kokomi\’s ability set, Genshin Impact is also receiving backlash for its one-year anniversary event rewards. The action role-playing game was released back in September 2020, so developer miHoYo has begun a celebration of the title\’s journey so far. However, many players find the event\’s in-game rewards to be extremely lackluster, with a small number of resources being the only reward for fans to retrieve. Additional events will be held outside of Genshin Impact itself, however, such as a cosplay contest and a photography raffle for fans to enjoy.

Kokomi has proven to be an extremely divisive addition to Genshin Impact\’s roster, with some players praising her unique abilities while others criticize her lack of powerful critical hits. Regardless of each individual player\’s feelings towards Kokomi, those that do enjoy her skill set should not be shamed for doing so. With an ever-expanding number of characters for players to acquire, Genshin Impact players will never be forced to use Kokomi if they don\’t want to.

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