Genshin Impact's New Character Shenhe Explained

Ahead of Genshin Impact\’s Version 2.3 update, titled \”Shadows Amidst Snowstorms,\” miHoYo has already revealed which new characters will seemingly appear in the next 2.4 update. This isn\’t a huge surprise, since the company has been revealing new characters incredibly early over the course of the last few updates, but it\’s always exciting getting to see who\’s playable next. One of the new playable characters arriving in Genshin Impact soon will be Shehe.

Earlier in the year, leaks of a character named Shenli (or Shenhe) surfaced online. In the past, Genshin Impact character leaks have been fairly accurate, so it was expected that Shenli/Shenhe would arrive in the game at some point. Now, thankfully, this information has been officially confirmed by miHoYo and new information and images of Shenhe have been shared online.

Thanks to the latest reveal on the official Genshin Impact Twitter account, it\’s been unveiled that Shenhe is a Cryo user who wields polearms in combat. In terms of character design, she looks a bit like Eula combined with Kujou Sara. Recently, a lot of new Genshin Impact characters have started to resemble one another, but Shenhe\’s overall design still looks really cool. It\’s also worth noting that her official design does in fact look a lot like the fan renderings of Shenhe (pictured below) that spread online a few months ago.

Genshin Impact 2.4: When Shenhe Will Be Playable

As usual, the tweets stopped just short of confirming Shenhe for Genshin Impact 2.4. However, both Gorou and Itto were teased as playable characters without any confirmation for Version 2.3, before being officially confirmed during the most recent livestream. The past few character announcements have been handled this way, which means it\’s almost a certainty that Shenhe will be playable in Genshin Impact 2.4, the game\’s next major update, which should arrive in early January 2022.

If Version 2.4 follows 2.3\’s schedule, then that means the Banner featuring Shenhe won\’t arrive until about halfway through the update. This would be similar to how reruns for Eula and Albedo are occurring first in 2.3, with the Banner for Gorou and Itto coming about three weeks later. If this schedule remains the same for Version 2.4, then Shenhe won\’t appear in Genshin Impact as a playable character until the end of January.

For now, outside of miHoYo\’s most recent tweets, not much is known about Shenhe. Known as the Ethereal Soul Amidst the Mortal Realm, she is confirmed to have a somewhat close relationship to the Cloud Retainer and comes from a long line of exorcists. Hopefully, more information regarding Shenhe in Genshin Impact will be shared soon.

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