Genshin Impact's New Region: Every Sumeru Character Already In The Game

Sumeru is the new region coming to Genshin Impact in the near future. Expected to release in the Version 3.0 content, Sumeru characters like Cyno were already teased prior to the game\’s launch in 2020. Meanwhile, characters like Lisa may not be from Sumeru originally, but do have ties to the country. However, there are still a number of characters who are from Sumeru and can already be found in Genshin Impact.

Of the playable characters in the game already, Lisa is the sole Genshin Impact character with the most direct ties to Sumeru. The Librarian for the Knights of Favonius studied at the Sumeru Academia before returning to Mondstadt prior to the events of the game. Because no playable characters in Genshin Impact are currently from Sumeru, Lisa has arguably provided the most hints at what players can expect in the new region\’s culture – that there\’s an emphasis on wisdom and academics are a major priority.

Meanwhile, the Genshin Impact character Cyno was shown previously in an early preview of Sumeru before the game was fully released. He\’s also been seen in the manga, which can be found on the game\’s official site for free, and is a scholar at the Sumeru Academia. Character designs in Genshin Impact have been known to change, but since Cyno has appeared in both a video and manga so far, it\’s likely his Egyptian-like garb will remain the same – and indicates the real-world country Sumeru is based on. However, there are still various NPCs already in Genshin Impact who are from Sumeru.

Genshin Impact NPCs Who Are From Sumeru

Even beyond Lisa and Cyno, a bit can be learned about Sumeru already by talking with various NPCs in Genshin Impact, including:

Alrani the archaeologistAnisa on Watatsumi Island in InazumaFadhlan in LiyueHosseini, an exclusive NPC to the Energy Amplifier Initiation eventKaushik, a researcher on Watasumi IslandMasudi, an author in LiyueParvaneh, an exclusive quest NPC in InazumaSayid in MonstadtSoraya, the researcher in Wangshu Inn

Currently, the next update for Genshin Impact will be Version 2.6. Version 1.7 was the last update before Inazuma and 2.0 arrived, which means the new Sumeru region and Genshin Impact 3.0 should be expected soon. Although there are currently no playable characters originally from Sumeru, characters like Lisa and Cyno shed more light on the country – as do the various NPCs scattered around Liyue, Mondstadt, and Inazuma. Most likely, characters from Sumeru like Cyno won\’t be playable in Genshin Impact until the 3.0 update arrives.

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