Genshin Impact's New Region Sumeru May Bring Dendro Element, Per Leak

An apparent Genshin Impact leak details a future update to the action role-playing game, which will apparently introduce a new region called Sumeru and the Dendro element. miHoYo\’s open-world title receives frequent support, with updates adding new characters, quests and regions for players to discover. Fans are always anticipating the title\’s next piece of new content, with Genshin Impact 2.5 beta patch leaks currently offering a potential glimpse at the ARPG\’s next update.

Genshin Impact\’s Version 2.4 kicked off on January 5, with the update introducing two new characters along with the Enkanomiya region of the archipelago Inazuma. Cryo-user Shenhe and Geo-user Yun Jin were added to the title\’s ever-expanding roster of playable heroes, both bringing unique abilities and personalities to the lineup. Leaks pertaining to Genshin Impact\’s upcoming Version 2.5 indicate that another new hero, the Electro-user Yae Miko, will be brought to the game in the near future. New enemies and a new weekly boss, Raiden Shogun, are also highly-anticipated additions rumored to arrive with Version 2.5. A Genshin Impact 2.5 livestream is expected to premiere in the near future, which will give official details about the next update.

As reported by Game Rant, an extensive Genshin Impact leak appears to reveal several details about the future of the game. The leak, coming from Reddit user evnxxz, claims that the Sumeru region will be added to the game with Version 2.9. Sumeru exists in the game\’s lore as one of Teyvat\’s seven nations, but so far it is not present in the open-world title. This 2.9 update, estimated to release over the summer, will also introduce characters who utilize the Dendro element in combat. While the game\’s lore explains that the element relates to natural and poisonous effects, and acts as Sumeru\’s associated element, no characters currently make use of Dendro in combat.

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While Sumeru has not yet made a physical appearance in Genshin Impact, many players theorize that it will be the next nation added by miHoYo. Theories pertaining to Genshin Impact\’s Sumeru and Dendro characters began sprouting up last year, with some believing that the game\’s 3.0 update would introduce the nation just as 2.0 had introduced Inazuma. New characters utilizing this element are likely to make their debut, while past regions will likely continue to expand in future updates.

While Genshin Impact Version 2.9 is still many months away, these leaks paint a colorful picture of the ARPG\’s future. This information is by no means official, but many fans already suspect that Sumeru and the Dendro element will soon make an appearance in-game. With 2.5 nearing its release, only time will tell what 2022 holds for Genshin Impact and its fanbase.

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