Genshin Impact's Own Squid Game Dalgona Challenge Is A Tough Break

Genshin Impact YouTuber has created their own Squid Game Dalgona Challenge in a parody video, and it\’s a tough break for the game\’s characters. Netflix\’s incredibly successful 2021 show Squid Game features a variety of deathly challenges, and the Genshin Impact content creator decided to start a video series bringing the bloody challenges to Teyvat. Many Genshin Impact fans have made memes, videos, and recreations since the game\’s release, but this crossover parody offers a unique twist for Genshin Impact and Squid Game fans.

Netflix\’s Squid Game released earlier this year and immediately reached worldwide fame. The Korean drama follows a competition in which players gamble with their lives in the hopes of winning millions, facing off in a series of children\’s games including Red Light, Green Light, the Dalgona Challenge in which contestants must cut a shape from a honeycomb without breaking it, Tug-of-War, and more. Squid Game\’s likeness to a battle royale game is one of many reasons why the series has seen fan crossover content with gaming. Popular memes have seen the show compared to games like Pokémon GO, while others have made full Squid Game recreations in Animal Crossing.

YouTuber genshashin\’s Squid Game parody in Genshin Impact appears to be an ongoing series, with the creator having now covered Squid Game episodes one and two (via Dexerto). Fans of the show will know that episode two centers on the Dalgona Challenge, which is seen in the content creator\’s latest Squid Game video. The characters who were lucky enough to complete the Red Light, Green Light game from the YouTuber\’s first video are presented with four shapes: the triangle, circle, star, and umbrella. The Genshin challengers have to remove their shape from the dalgona sweet without breaking it, with each hero leaning on their magical skills and talents to complete the task. The result is an impressive mash-up of both Squid Game and Genshin Impact, with the video approaching 100,000 views at the time of writing. Speaking of their hard work, the creator said: \”This is definitely the most difficult video I\’ve edited for this channel so far, because of the sheer amount of rotoscoping I had to do.\”

Watch the video on YouTube here.

With two episodes of the Squid Game parody already out on genshashin\’s channel, it seems likely that the creator is set to continue their Genshin Impact series. The Netflix show consists of nine episodes, with six focused on the challenges, which could mean there\’s more to come from genshashin. The creator hasn\’t just seen success with their Dalgona Challenge, but also with their take on the first episode of Squid Game, which saw the iconic Red Light, Green Light remade using the beloved Genshin Impact characters. The five-star character Klee represents the robot child that shoots down players as they try to reach the end of the course without being seen moving. Of course, instead of using bullets, Klee uses her classic homemade bombs to blast away the characters who fail the challenge.

The Genshin Impact content creator\’s videos may be inspired by the show, but they\’ve had to get creative in order to make their parodies work. With many of the necessary Squid Game items not available in Teyvat, the YouTuber has used clever editing to make their creations come to life, not just editing in dalgona but also replacing the show\’s red guards with Genshin\’s Xiao and his polearm. In the last scene of episode two, Hu Tao is seen walking away with Xiao, which could mean the series will be exploring more than just the Squid Game challenges in the future.

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