Genshin Impact's Shenhe & Yun Jin Reveal Shows A Glaring Weapon Issue

The newest playable characters released via Genshin Impact’s social media are Cryo-user Shenhe and Geo-user Yun Jin. Both characters are confirmed to be Polearm-users, which prompts the realization that there is a lack of SS- and S-tier characters that utilize other weapon types. Polearm-users tend to dominate ranking systems while other characters are often overshadowed. In order to improve balance and flexibility for players, Genshin Impact must incorporate greater weapon variation for new and upcoming characters.

Including the addition of Shenhe and Yun Jin, the number of Polearm-wielders in Genshin Impact totals to only 9 out of 46 characters as of version 2.2. However, many characters considered SS- and S-Tier are Polearm-users, such as Zhongli, Hu Tao, and Xiao (to name a few). Most Tier lists are calculated based on character viability and team contribution. If Genshin Impact’s Shenhe and Yun Jin are ranked into S-Tier or greater, this will further increase the gap between Polearm-users and characters of other weapon types.

When it comes to resources, the materials needed to forge 4-Star weapons in Genshin Impact – such as the Northlander weapon Billets – are difficult to come by as they are gained only from Weekly Bosses after exhausting the limited supply at Souvenir Shops. Because the types are awarded at random, players may receive excessive Billets for a certain weapon type rather than the ones they want. If there is more variety in the weapons of high-Tier characters, players will be more willing to utilize the materials they have.

Genshin Impact Needs S-Tier Characters with Swords, Claymores, Catalysts, & Bows

Currently, Genshin Impact has five weapon types: Polearms, Swords, Claymores, Catalysts, and Bows. Weapon type plays a large factor in gameplay because each weapon has its unique characteristics that can contribute to or stand in the way of a battle. For example, Bows may lack strength in normal attacks, though they have the advantage of allowing distance between enemies to avoid damage. Claymores swing slower, but they strike harder and can easily mine ores. Where Polearms would struggle – such as situations where monsters are carrying an impenetrable Geo shield – other weapon types are ready to step in. This can be especially helpful when challenging Genshin Impact’s new Inazuma Domains.

In addition to strength in battles, having variety in character weapons allows greater flexibility that can aid in exploration. Some exploration puzzles may require certain elements to unlock – such as the Hydro Totem puzzle in the \”Golden Apple Archipelago\” event, which was suspended upside-down on the inside of a hollowed mountain. Although Genshin Impact was sure to include a tricky mechanism to send a Hydro projectile in the right direction, players with the sole Hydro Bow-user Tartaglia were able to activate the Totem within seconds. Tartaglia being the only character who could fulfill this role outside of the Hydro mechanism further highlights the diverse capability and need of weapon types other than Polearms.

Genshin Impact also has the potential to create more weapon types. New Genshin Impact weapons are added in almost every update, and the developers should take a step further to create an entirely new weapon group. This could look like a sword and whip hybrid, or even a bow that can be taken apart to function as daggers – much like Tartaglia’s Hydro blades. If Genshin Impact players are given more choice in character weapons, they can utilize more team compositions that fit their unique situation best.

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