Genshin Impact's Standard Character Banner Desperately Needs To Change

The standard character Banner in Genshin Impact has remained unchanged since the release of the game and many long-time players feel that the Banner is long overdue for a much-needed update. Speculation and rumors surrounding possible future changes have been circulating around the community for some time, although previous rumors have proved to be false. With new 5-stars continually being added to the game, such as the recent inclusion of Kamisato Ayato, many fans are left wondering when HoYoverse will finally address players\’ concerns.

With the gacha system being a primary mechanic in Genshin Impact, there are three Banners that are available for players to roll on: the limited-run character Banner and the Epitome Invocation weapon Banner, both of which repeatedly cycle out with new characters and weapons, and the unchanging Wanderlust Invocation standard character Banner. Currently, the limited-run Genshin Impact Banner features Kamisato Ayato and Venti, with even more characters expected to come with new updates. Meanwhile, the standard character Banner has always featured the same set of five-star characters since the release of the game in late 2020: Keqing, Mona, Qiqi, Diluc, and Jean, as well as the standard five-star weapons.

As it stands, there are multiple reasons why there is such little incentive for players to roll on the standard character Banner in Genshin Impact. All of the 5-star characters offered on the Banner have been included since the game\’s launch and also have pretty decent potential to be rolled by players on the limited-run Banners. Due to the way Genshin Impact\’s gacha system works, the limited-run Banners have their own pity system separate from the standard character Banner. This means that rolling on the standard Banner does not further the chances of getting a 5-star character on the limited-run ones.

How Genshin Impact Can Fix the Standard Character Banner

Many fans in the past have spread around unconfirmed leaks and rumors regarding the Banner, including when and how it should be changed. One of the most popular rumors was that the Banner would update with the release of Version 2.0. While there is still potential for this change to occur, as of now, this rumor has proven to be false. A majority feel that the standard character Banner should be updated to include 5-star characters from Genshin Impact\’s Inazuma region, as all of the current options hail from either Mondstadt or Liyue.

In addition, now that the game has made a habit of rerunning popular 5-star characters, players have speculated that characters that have had multiple reruns would also be worthy contenders for being included in the standard Banner. Tartaglia, for example, was one of the first few 5-star characters released for the game and has since been released on the limited-run Banner on three separate occasions.

Unfortunately for fans hoping for an update, the only change that has been made to the standard Banner since its release has been the inclusion of Mona\’s new outfit in the Banner\’s official artwork as part of Genshin Impact\’s alternate outfits release. As of now, HoYoverse has not made any indications that the Banner will be updated anytime soon. However with a constantly growing cast of characters, Genshin Impact\’s standard character Banner will eventually need to change if HoYoverse wants to keep up with player demand.

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