Genshin Impact’s Stormterror Boss Should Be Co-Op Friendly

Genshin Impact’s Stormterror Boss Should Be Co-Op Friendly

Bosses in Genshin Impact provide players with continuous challenges and rare rewards. With each new Version update, new enemies are made available for players to challenge. Because of the increasing difficulty, many players opt to utilize Co-Op in Genshin Impact in order to receive support in these challenges and make them a bit easier.
Co-Op Mode in Genshin Impact is unlocked for players who are Adventure Rank 16 and higher. Up to three other players may join the host’s world. It is a helpful option for players who may need help solving tricky puzzles, defeating difficult Bosses, or even for those who may want some company exploring the vast world of Teyvat.

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With new and difficult opponents such as the Raiden Shogun Boss in Genshin Impact, players may look to Co-Op as a dependable option. As of Version 2.6, all open-world and Trounce Domain Bosses can be defeated in Co-Op mode except for one. Stormterror remains the only Boss that cannot be defeated with other players.

Genshin Impact: Stormterror Is The First & Only Solo Boss For Reasons Unknown

genshin impact stormterror dvalin

“Confront Stormterror” in Genshin Impact is a Trounce Domain that hosts the dragon, Dvalin. This Domain is unlocked after players complete the Archon Quest Prologue, Act II: “Calm Before the Storm.” Dvalin is the first Boss opponent players are faced with during the main storyline. However, players are unable to challenge Dvalin in Co-Op mode.

It is unclear why “Confront Stormterror” in Genshin Impact forbids players from receiving help from others. This Domain allows players to relive the battle they endured during the Archon quest, as do many other bosses. For example, Genshin Impact’s Childe and La Signora both had major roles in the main storyline and were given their respective Trounce Domains. Players are able to easily challenge these Domains in Co-Op mode and work with other players in defeating the opponents.
The Stormterror Boss should be made Co-Op friendly regardless of the fact that Dvalin is the first Trounce Domain for many players. Building characters in Genshin Impact takes a lot of time and effort, and not every player is able to dedicate the amount needed in order to successfully defeat Bosses on their own. This is why it is crucial for Co-Op to be more accessible. If Genshin Impact permits Co-Op mode for all Bosses including Stormterror, it will allow players of all levels to receive the help they need.

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