Genshin Impact's Taroumaru Looks Even Cuter In Sims 4

A creative Sims 4 player has recreated Genshin Impact canine Taroumaru within the social simulation title. While the two games are quite different, Genshin Impact and The Sims 4 feature dogs that gamers can meet and befriend as adorable canine companions. Using the social simulator\’s suite of customization tools, one player has even transported a dog from one game into the other.
Serving as one of Genshin Impact\’s furriest non-player characters, Taroumaru is a Shiba Inu dog who owns the Komore Teahouse in Inazuma. Though the canine is unable to speak, his actions and the words of Inazuma\’s people reveal him to be a respected and influential figure. Before retiring to run the teahouse, Taroumaru apparently served as a member of Inazuma\’s secretive ninja organization Shuumatsuban. This makes the adorable canine a surprisingly complex character who seeks to leave behind a fascinating past, and many fan theories surround the character\’s backstory. The \”Clash of the Lone Blades\” event, added to the game in its 2.6 update, even lets Genshin Impact players beat Taroumaru in battle provided they are skilled enough to overwhelm the canine warrior.

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Sims 4 user K1ttyAl3x recently recreated Genshin Impact\’s Taroumaru using the game\’s tools and canine cosmetics. The 2014 social simulator includes more than 100 preset dog breeds, including the adorable Shiba Inu. By customizing a Shiba Inu\’s markings and coloration to almost exactly match Taroumaru, K1ttyAl3x is able to bring the skilled ninja dog straight into The Sims 4. The Komore Teahouse owner\’s attire is also approximated, with two bows and a sweater accurately reflecting the woofing warrior\’s wardrobe and effectively completing K1ttyAl3x\’s pet project.

Genshin Impact Taroumaru Remade in Sims 4

The Sims 4 lets players acquire and care for their own virtual pets, but many fans want to see even bigger breeds added to the game. Developer Maxis recently teased that werewolves are coming to The Sims 4with many fans hoping to recreate the Twilight series in the near future. The Sims 4 already received a vampire-themed expansion back in 2017, and new content coming in 2022 may add their lycanthropic rivals. While Shiba Inu ninjas are great, the addition of werewolves to The Sims 4 could create even more opportunities for horrifying fun.
By bringing Taroumaru into The Sims 4, K1ttyAl3x has combined Genshin Impact with one of gaming\’s greatest social simulator games. The two titles are incredibly different, but role-play, home design dogs are three common ingredients that tie both beloved games together. While other dogs are sadly incapable of practicing ninjutsu in The Sims 4Genshin Impact\’s Taroumaru also brings peace and harmony wherever he travels.

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