Genshin Impact's Tartaglia And Scaramouche: Allies Or Enemies?

The world of Genshin Impact consists of an extremely vast land with an ever-growing roster of characters. The Traveler will meet many people along their journey and learn of all the different organizations they belong to. There are the Knights of Favonius from the free land of Mondstadt, Liyue\’s very own Millileth, and multiple war factions and commissions in the crackling islands of Inazuma. Perhaps the most intriguing and mysterious organization occupying the world of Teyvat is the Fatui, an organization that originated in Snezhnaya, a region supposedly based on real-life Russia. Fatui members are all over the map as enemies, but the traveler soon learns that they are all under the control of the 11 Fatui Harbingers. Players have met only a few of of those 11, including No. 6 Scaramouche No. 8, and No. 11 Tartaglia.

The 11 Fatui Harbingers in Genshin Impact are the ones that carry out the duties of the ruler, called the \”Tsaritsa,\” also known as the Cryo Archon. Their goal is to obtain the 7 Archons\’ Gnosis, a mysterious object that grants the gods their divineness and power. She gives the Harbingers permission to freely roam and fulfill their schemes. After all, they don\’t answer to anyone except her. The Fatui Harbingers are usually identified by their number and title, but players will eventually learn of their names.

Another Harbinger, La Signora, plays a significant role during the first three chapters of the main storyline in Genshin Impact, stealing Venti\’s Gnosis and negotiating with Zhongli\’s for his. The Traveler is able to intercept and defeat La Signora in Inazuma and thus ends her role in the Fatui. This leaves only Scaramouche and Tartaglia left for now. Many fans are wondering how their relationship, or lack thereof, will play out considering their clashing personalities, despite belonging to the same organization.

Genshin Impact\’s Tartaglia and Scaramouche Are Quite Different Fatui Harbingers

Tartaglia is first introduced when the player reaches Liyue. He helps them escape from the Millelith, showing his impeccable battle skills in Genshin Impact in the process. When the Traveler learns he works with the Fatui, Tartaglia is quick to console them of his affiliation and explains that he only wanted to help the Traveler, out of his own free will, indicating his disregard for the Fatui. He introduces himself as \”Childe,\” a codename that pertains to him being the youngest out of all 11 members.

Not only is he well-liked amongst the members of the Fatui, but he is also a fandom favorite. Many people find his personality fun and he\’s amazing in combat. He offers a lighthearted perspective on the situation of Liyue. He is able to become friends with the traveler, often complimenting them for their combat skills, and is always inviting them to a sparring session. He does not lack social skills as seen in his close relationship with Zhongli, whom he asks for the traveler to accompany. He deeply cares for these younger siblings and does the Tsaritsa\’s bidding in order to give them a better future. After his deeds during the fall of the Jade Chamber, he is still able to live amongst the citizens of Liyue.

Tartaglia always had a lust for adventure and danger. When he was young, he fought endless battles in the Abyss. When he finally emerges from this domain, his eyes seem to have lost their light, giving him a constant lifeless expression. This is when his personality drastically changed. There is no doubt about his love for his siblings, but his newfound thirst for combat and victory is something to be feared about.

Scaramouche, called the \”Balladeer,\” was first introduced during the Genshin Impact event called \”Unreconciled Stars\” back in November 2020. He is deceitful and was able to fool the traveler into thinking he was an ally. He left a lasting impression, and many fans were hoping he would become a playable character in Genshin Impact. However, he never appears again, not until the Traveler meets him during the last part of the Inazuma storyline.

Scaramouche has somewhat of a dark past. He was one of the many puppets that the Raiden Shogun created. His creation was a huge success that his power had to have been sealed after he has served his purpose. He eventually found his way into the top ranks of the Fatui. This is probably why he lacks human compassion and disregards others\’ feelings.

Tartaglia & Scaramouche Have Sinister Similarities In Genshin Impact

Although Tartaglia and Scaramouche seem to have opposite personalities in Genshin Impact, they are eerily similar in many ways. The first similarity is their sadism. They both seem to have a knack for playing with the enemy and like to torture them. Tartaglia laughs about it and is more upfront about this side, as shown in one of his voice lines about snow, \”The world looks glorious in the snow. Pure white, like the light of the moon. A perfect backdrop for bloodshed.\” That\’s why he\’s so fond of the Traveler, being able to see them as equals in combat. Tartaglia\’s weapon of choice in Genshin Impact is a bow because he is the least adept with it, indicating the thrill of playing with his enemies.

Scaramouche shows his sadism through the experiments performed on people with Delusions. Delusions are powerful but dangerous objects that can harm the user, and Scaramouche is fully aware of these side effects. Still, it does not stop him from selling them and watching people lose themselves in the process. If anything, he finds immense pleasure in watching these people suffer, and it only fuels his desire to play with his victims more and more.

They both share a certain disregard for the Fatui, though in different ways. Tartaglia does not take his duty of finding the Gnoses all too seriously because he cannot be subtle. He\’s always in the nick of battle or causing trouble for others. Fatui are taught to be discreet and to stay in the shadows. Tartaglia takes off his mask and reveals his face for all the world to see. Ironically, he has sworn undying loyalty to the Tsaritsa, displaying his professional side. He may not care too much about the Fatui and their business, but he definitely has an honest side that fans can admire. Although he had attempted to destroy Liyue, the Traveler learns that he was merely doing his job, a brutal one sure, but still his job nonetheless.

Scaramouche is quick to insult his subordinates and is very blunt with his disapproval of their performance. It is revealed that Yae Miko, the overseer of the Narukami Shrine, has given the Electro Archon\’s Gnosis to him, in exchange for their lives. It seems like after obtaining the Gnosis, he has gone rogue. According to Tartaglia, Scaramouche\’s location in Genshin Impact is unknown.

Genshin Impact has yet to show scenes or dialogue exchanges between them, so it will be interesting to see what happens when they meet. Tartaglia entered the Labyrinth Warriors in order to find out about Scaramouche\’s whereabouts but to no avail. There\’s always a certain thrill in knowing a villain\’s backstory or two villains and their relationship. Both Tartaglia and Scaramouche are complex characters that share some personality traits, but their methods in executing their desires differ greatly. Their origins indicate that they should be able to get along or at least work well with one another, but Tartaglia\’s carefree attitude and Scaramouche\’s manipulative nature say otherwise.

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