Genshin Impact's Traveler Questline Does One Important Thing Right

While the Genshin Impact Traveler questline can often take a backseat to exciting new patch updates or newly released 5-star characters, it\’s an underrated strength of the game that gets one important storytelling element right: making sure the hero doesn\’t feel anonymous in their own journey. It\’s certainly tempting to think that Aether or Lumine is a stand-in for the player at many points of the Genshin Impact narrative, but that would be ignoring the vast impact the character has had on Teyvat and the many personal goals they\’re striving towards.

The basic summary of the Traveler in Genshin Impact thus far is relatively simple: they\’re a stranger in a strange land, forging friendships with important figures across each nation while completing impressive feats of heroics, all in an effort to locate their lost sibling. It\’s a tried-and-true fantasy trope that forms the foundation of the Traveler\’s story in Genshin Impact, but the careful attention paid to the narrative by the team at miHoYo has made all the difference in keeping Aether and Lumine\’s tale compelling.

Genshin Impact\’s Traveler has affected so many people through their journey already that it would be absurd for them not to have become a legend of Teyvat themselves. Thankfully, the world of Genshin Impact doesn\’t ignore that fact, making the story of Aether and Lumine that much more intriguing – and avoiding a common mistake made by other long-running game narratives that sees the hero, in spite of their epic adventure, constantly being anonymous in the eyes of NPCs and enemies. Nowhere is this more obvious than in Genshin Impact 2.6, where a huge amount of The Chasm\’s content revolves around the fact that not just any hero will do.

Why Genshin Impact\’s Traveler Questline Is Good

Immediately after arriving in The Chasm, Genshin Impact\’s Traveler questline makes one thing abundantly clear: people have been paying attention to their adventure. Characters don\’t need much of an introduction to the Traveler, with some recognizing them on sight and others, upon realizing that the Traveler is present, reacting in awe. It makes perfect sense: this is the hero who has ended the reign of Stormterror, protected Liyue from a number of huge threats, and helped end the Raiden Shogun\’s Vision Hunt Decree. While not all regions are connected and it would make sense for just one of those feats to not have spread worldwide, the Traveler\’s resume is such that any NPC with an inkling of current events would know who they are.

This feature makes the Traveler in Genshin Impact so much more fascinating. The player controlling the Traveler has worked hard through these quests and experienced a lot of emotional turmoil as a result – to see that reflected in the world is to see a tangible impact and progression through a personal journey to find a lost sibling. While there hasn\’t been much progress overall in locating the Traveler\’s sibling, these smaller victories and recognition for them makes the journey feel as though its still ongoing, rather than stagnant and waiting for the next relevant moment specifically related to Aether and Lumine.

Ultimately, the Genshin Impact Traveler questline is a surprising strength in a game that\’s so often about its newest character releases and regions. Not losing sight of the core emotional tale in Genshin Impact makes every patch feel more relevant to both the Traveler and the player, and small moments like increased fame or NPCs coming to the Traveler with their problem because they\’re aware they have helped others similarly make the world of Teyvat feel alive. For a game that\’s made millions, it\’s obvious there are a lot of things being done right – but the way Genshin Impact\’s Traveler questline is being handled is a major contributor to why it\’s still being played by so many day one players over a year later.

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