Genshin Impact's Xiao Swims in the Air Thanks to a Glitch

A PC player recently discovered a strange Genshin Impact glitch that shows Xiao swimming in mid-air for no good reason. A 5-star Anemo character and somewhat of a recluse, Xiao joined the Genshin Impact roster as a playable character in February 2021 with the start of Version 1.3. Upon rolling out the early 2021 update, developer miHoYo also unlocked access to several new events, a story quest for Hu Tao, and the Kequing Rate-up Banner.

Like countless other interactive adventures, Genshin Impact plays host to myriad glitches both big and small. In the past, some in-game bugs have proven rather detrimental, with a Kazuha glitch serving as a prime example. The issue in question caused the character to die without warning once players activated their special Chihayaburu ability. Some users have found ways to exploit certain errors, though. For instance, Genshin Impact\’s teapot glitch last summer allowed one crafty fan to build a gorgeous cliffside palace. The latest hiccup making the rounds arguably serves as another fun one.

Over the weekend, Redditor RaptaReviver shared a 40-second clip of Xiao in action. It may not sound like anything special from the outset, yet many a Genshin Impact fan will likely find the video\’s content interesting since it shows Xiao swimming. The Anemo character isn\’t showing off his breaststroke in a lake or pool of water, though. Rather, RaptaReviver captured footage of Xiao swimming high above the ground in mid-air. A funnel of strong wind several feet below seems to keep Xiao afloat, so this doesn\’t constitute a case of the character randomly flying. That the swimming animation triggers during such a scene is still pretty humorous, however. Check it out in the video linked below:

Weird glitches aside, now seems a good time for Xiao fans to join the fun, given that the character is starring in a Genshin Impact Version 2.4 Banner, which began earlier this month on January 5. Notably, the most recent update also introduced players to the all-new Enkanomiya locale, additional Hangout Events, and a series of new World Quests and Daily Commissions.

Developer miHoYo originally launched Genshin Impact in September 2021. The free-to-play action RPG hit the ground running on PC and PS4, and mobile platforms, becoming an instant success around the globe. That incredible momentum doesn\’t look as though it\’ll slow down anytime soon, either.

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