Genshin players, what artifacts should I use on Razor (DPS)? I’m currently on AR 30 so I don’t have 5* artifacts.

This question has been asked like 5 times, lol.

But you’re almost to AR 45, might take you about 2 ish months, so this artifact set will be changed pretty quickly. With Razor, there’s two potential build paths you can go. The normal build is physical DPS, in which ideally 2 Bloodstained and 2 Glad will be ideal. 4x Gladiators is pretty good on razor as well since you’ll mainly be auto attacking as him. Since you mentioned that you don’t have 5 star artifacts yet, you could also run 2 Berserkers 2 glad/ 2 bloodstained. Berserker is a heavily slept on set since it’s only 4 star, but its two piece effect isn’t bad, especially if you’re not far in the game.

The other build that you can go is a bit more technical to play. It’s going electro razor while using electro charged to have almost 100% electro uptime. I haven’t tested this build. It’s basically razor, Xingqui, and sometimes Fischl, on a team comp. Ideally for this playstyle, you should run 2 Gladiators 2 Thundering fury, or 4 Thundersoother if you’ll have nearly 100% electro uptime.

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