GIS Management Interview

GIS Management Interview

Interviewee Name:



Company Location:


1. Job Title:

a. How long have you had this position?

2. How do you spend your time? Percent of time in meetings, budgeting, analyzing, supervising, etc.

3. How does GIS fit into the organizational structure?

4. How does upper management view GIS?

5. How do you view GIS?

6. How many people in the GIS department?

a. How many people in the entire organization?

b. Who else uses GIS in the organization?

c. What are the positions within the GIS department?

7. What are your GIS hiring practices?

a. What is the employee turnover rate?

b. What are the salary ranges?

c. What are the skill requirements?

d. What are the education requirements?

e. How many applicants do you typically have for a position?

f. How are open positions advertised?

8. How does the company use GIS?

9. How much of your annual budget is attributed to GIS?

a. Funding source/s?

b. Budget:

c. How is the budget for GIS spent?

10. How do you get clients/projects? i.e., word of mouth, marketing, business development, grants, competitive bidding

11. What is your major client base?

a. Type of clients?

b. Number of clients?

c. Are some potential clients/projects too big or too small?

12. What are the GIS trends in the organization?

13. What is the future of GIS within the company?

14. What is your view of the future of GIS?

15. What is your professional development program? (training)

16. What GIS data do you use?

a. Data source?

b. Data Maintenance?

c. Data sharing within the organization?

d. Data products?

17. Does the organization collaborate with other organizations/companies/agencies?

a. If so, how do you collaborate?

b. Which organization(s) do you collaborate with?

18. What is your hardware/software environment?

a. Security?

b. Redundancy?

c. Web Services?

d. Data backup?

19. Do you have a mandated IT infrastructure?

21. What is your view of professional certification?

a. Does the organization require certification?

22. What is your education background in GIS?

23. What other GIS positions have you held in the past?

24. How long have you been using GIS?

25. How inspired you to begin a career in GIS?

26. What career advice would you give a GIS student?

27. Any closing thoughts?

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