How can I play Genshin Impact at 1920×1080 Full Screen with No Scaling on a 2560×1440 Monitor? When I select the 1980×1080 option in the Game Settings and use ‘Alt+Enter’ to Full Screen the game, it scales the game to fit my monitor.

You understand that It has to do some scaling right? I guess if you run it in Windowed mode it wouldn’t do any scaling. Since you can almost fit 2 1920×1080 screens in a 2560×1440 screen. Unlike a 3480×2160 screen which can fit exactly 1920×1080 x 4.

Not sure if the game allows for a black border to exist…

Looking at the “graphic comparisons” I don’t see how this would be that demanding of a game…

TL, DR: Unlikely in a “Full-Screen mode” Windowed sure!

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