How did Genshin Impact get so popular?

Great marketing.

The game didn’t try to play into cliche or downplay its gameplay. It did exactly what a game trailer should do. Show gameplay, give tidbits of story, and leave you wanting more.

The quality of the game is so different than anything on the appstore.

It’s definitely not perfect but it’s pretty polished for a game that went multiplatform with basically no delays. The developers are constantly rolling out updates and bug fixes for the game. The music is great, it’s dynamic, and enhances the game. The story, my goodness, it’s like an anime playing out in front of you. The writing is pretty good with books that tell more lore, character bios with fully voice acted lines, and cutscenes that are top tier stuff.

Finally, freedom to the way you play.

Genshin Impact is definitely very much a gacha and time limited game. Other than that there’s plenty to do that basically has no limit. You can beat bosses, do sidequests, hunt for materials, cook and craft various things, and play with others. A casual player won’t run into anything that’ll limit a normal playthrough of the game. A more hardcore player will find plenty of challenge if they play constantly. You’re not limited by a paywall either, even a free to play player can dominate the game if they know what to do.

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