How do I get my parents to let me use technology for things other than homework? Their excuse is I was addicted and I might get cyberbullied (I only want to listen to music, watch YouTube & game). They are very stubborn about their beliefs. Help?

Were you ever addicted to technology before? You didn’t address mom and dad’s concern there.

Now, cyberbullying is different can of worms. In my experience, it’s generally player vs. player games that have it. Avoiding it is straightforward enough if go by these rules:

  1. Stick to music, watching YouTube, and games where you play against bots or just relax, such as Genshin Impact, chess, and whatnot.
  2. If interact with people, make it a once-and-done thing. Only accept friend/clan/group things that’re with people you know IRL (in real life).

Invite your parents to see what you’re doing. They’re stubborn, and such people need to see that yes, you’re taking their concerns seriously. Show them especially that interacting with other people *is not* necessary for any of those.

Heck, I’d even add an internet activity tracking software/freeware so they can see your online activity. Propose a two week trial, daily discussion with them about what you’ve done that day and how it was safe.

Big chance to show you’ve done your homework and learned to address their concerns. Now, that does include telling them you came here for assistance, but show them our answers—this online community’s dedicated to being helpful, and anyone who posts nasty gets reported and booted.

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