How do I get the realm currency in Genshin Impact?

In order to earn more Realm Currency per hour, the player will need to increase their Adeptal Energy Rank. This is a measurement of how decorated your home is. When a player places a furniture item inside of their house, it will show the player how much their Adeptal Energy Rank will increase. Place the furniture wherever you’d like and continue to build your Realm Currency. The more Realm Currency you collect, the better the items you’ll be able to pick up at the Realm Depot and continue to process that way.

The Serenitea Pot feature came at the perfect time as Animal Crossing: New Horizonsplayers have looked for a new game to scratch that itch. Even though the game is fairly limited in the amount of customization it has, this will likely improve with future updates. Players would be excited for more biomes, sized homes, and furniture items. Ultimately, players are going to make the most out of all the options they have. Build your perfect home in Genshin Impact.

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