How do I glide in Genshin Impact?

How do I glide in Genshin Impact?

First, you’ll need to get your first glider from Amber. That’s going to happen soon after the start of the game.

Second, you need to be in the air. Usually you’ll need to climb something and jump off it.

Finally, press “jump” button (spacebar) again, and your wings will unfurl.

The controls are vehicle-like in that characters can’t switch directions instantly. Beyond that, just use directional arrows and mouse as usual.

Note that gliders do not fly up, unless you’re using an updraft. All the time you’re flying, you’ll be slowly going down. Also, going forward costs energy.

If your energy is low, you can press the “attack” button, and the character will plunge to the ground. That will cause less damage than just falling, because of game logic.

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