How do you defeat the wolf in Genshin Impact?

The wolf Andrius? Well, considering that he’s a world boss that scales with your world rank, you need to be really prepared in order to fight him.

First of all, check your main DPS character, since you need them at the highest level possible, or max. at lv80 (sub-dps and supports can be lower). Also, check their equipments and talents, since you also need to have a decent equipments and talent levels.

After that, check your team composition, especially their elements, since Andrius the wolf is immune to 2 elements: Anemo and Cryo. So you don’t want to use Anemo or Cryo characters as your main DPS, since they won’t deal any damage when using their elemental attacks, unless you build them as Physical damager.

Lastly, don’t forget to eat the best food and potion buffs, since they can be really helpful for dishing out more damage, and increasing your survivability (for potion, you can drink either one of the elemental damage bonus, or the Frostshield Potion to increase your Cryo elemental resistance).

If you’re still having trouble defeating it, you could ask for help from your friends, since it’ll be much easier when fighting with more characters on the field.

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