How do you get enchantment ore in Genshin Impact?

You could get it from many ways:

  • From quests (Daily, World, Story, Sub)
  • From events
  • From leveling your Adventure Rank
  • From chests (higher quality chest = better enhancement ores)
  • From Domains (usually the one-time ones)
  • From Spiral Abyss (you’ll get some if you managed to clear each chamber)
  • Create from Blacksmith (you need Iron Chunk, White Iron Chunk, or Crystal Chunk, depends on the type of ores you want)
  • Destroying your weapons (this is not recommended, though)
  • Adventurer Handbook Chapter rewards
  • Buy them from the shop (also not recommended, unless you really need it ASAP)
  • Battle Pass rewards (both free and paid has it, but paid gives you more)

There could be another way, but I’m kinda lost track of it, since there’s so many ways to get it…

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