How do you get original resin in Genshin impact?

You can either:

  • Wait for it to regen naturally (you get 1 every 8 minutes)
  • Buy it using Primogems, where you can get 60 Resins each time you buy it (you can only buy 6 times a day, and the costs will be increased the more you buy, from 50 to 200 Primogems)
  • Buy it from the Serenitea Shop (requires Trust Rank 8, and costs 1200 Realm Currency)
  • Restore it using Fragile Resin, which you can get from Adventure Rank Up rewards, Battle Pass rewards (both paid & free tiers), buying the Gnostic Chorus Battle Pass (costs $11.99 or $20), buy the Wayfarer’s Supply Pack from the Gift Shop (costs 980 Genesis Crystal, or roughly $14.99), or you get one on your birthday.

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