How do you make Kaeya as your main in Genshin Impact?

Depends on how you build him, since he can be either a Cryo DPS, or a Physical DPS.

For Cryo DPS, you need to level all of his talents, but you can prioritize his burst first, and you can use 4-pcs of Blizzard Strayer for artifact, or 2-pcs of Blizzard Stayer and Gladiator/Shimenawa. For weapon, anything goes, but the best *4 is the Black Sword, or Iron Sting if you want the craftable one.

For party members, you definitely need Chongyun as one of your party member, since his skill can infuse normal/charged attacks of characters that uses Sword, Claymore, or Polearm with Cryo element, which is good for dealing constant Cryo damage.

You also need Anemo character with 4-pcs Viridiscent Venerer set for debuffing the enemy’s Cryo RES (Jean, Sucrose, Anemo Traveler, etc), and Hydro character for freeze the enemies (Barbara, Mona, Xingqiu). You can also use Pyro character like Xiangling as a substitute for Anemo or Hydro character for Melt reaction, which can deal huge damage burst everytime it occurs.

For Physical DPS, you only need to level his normal attack talent, while skill and burst is optional, since you’re mainly using his normal & charged attacks for damage. For artifacts, 2-pcs of Pale Flame and Bloodstained Chivalry is the most common one, since it gives +50% Physical Damage bonus.

For party member, you need 1 Electro character, which is important for Superconduct reaction, which will reduce the enemy’s Physical RES by a significant amount. You could also use Xinyan, since her skill can increase the Physical Damage bonus, while giving shield for some damage negation.

Another slot is free, but if you got Bennett, then you can use him, since he’s one of the best support character that can heal + give damage buff. And if you also use Xinyan, then you’re also get +25% ATK bonus from the Pyro resonance.

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