How do you think of the character “神里凌华” in Genshin Inpact?

In lore or in game?

In lore I think Ayaka is being portrayed as our main source of contact with Inazuma. She’s the “refined upper-class lady” personified. We’ll have to see if she plays any further roles as the Inazuma storyline gets fleshed out.

In game? Ayaka is fine as a cryo DPS. People get all hyped up regarding her ult’s numbers, but the problem is that it’s next to impossible for the max value to be reached. It is really good if you’re up against those super-size giant robots and you bring a water support to freeze it.

The rest of her kit has the same problem as Mona. She has no actual dodge, so no i-frames. However, her E ability also seems kind of clunky. Something about it just makes it weird. I guess if you focus on playing Ayaka and work out the tech involved the issue can be bypassed…

Overall, I think most people pulled on Ayaka because she was hyped since… way back in 1.0 even. But if you didn’t buy into the hype, chances are you’re saving up for Baal and didn’t bother with her banner.

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