How does Genshin Impact’s gacha system work?

hihi~ So there are 4 types of banners in genshin; Beginner, Event, Weapon and Standard.

Beginner: The beginner banner is the first banner you see when you enter the wishing screen. Your first 10 pull on that banner guarantees you get the 4 star character Noelle. It is possible that you can get more 4 stars in that pull. You use Acquaint Fates (the blue wishes) on this banner and you can only make 20 total wishes on it before it disappears.

Event: Event banners are banners that can only be accessed for a limited time only. There is usually a featured 5 star character and 3 featured 4 star characters. The featured 5 star character is usually only available on that banner and will be gone until the next re-run which may take some time. Intertwined Fates (the pink/purple wishes) are used on this banner.

Weapon: Basically the same as the Event banner but with weapons and instead of 2 5 stars and 3 4 stars, theres 2 5 stars and about 5 4 stars.

Standard: A permanent banner that uses Acquaint Fates. All non-event exclusive characters and weapons are available.

How to get wishes

The most common way to get wishes is to buy them with primogems (genshins currency). 1 wish costs 160 primos. You can also get them from various events, ascending characters (only acquaint fates), and leveling up your adventure rank.

The pity system

Theres something really important that you need to know before you start wishing because it took me a while to understand it. It’s a little complicated so I’ll try my best to explain it.

Base rules: Every 10 wishes = at least one 4 star or higher item, Every 90 wishes = guaranteed 5 star item

Now here comes the complicated stuff. You may have heard someone mention a 50/50 (“i lost the 50/50 yesterday…”).

When wishing on the event banner, if you do end up pulling a 5 star item/character, there is a 50% chance that it is the featured item/character on the banner. So if you do get the featured character, that means you won the 50/50. The same goes for the featured 4 stars on the banner

If you lose the 50/50, don’t lose hope yet. If you lost the 50/50 on a banner, the next 5 star you pull is guaranteed to be the featured item on the banner.

When you reach 75 wishes into pity, the chances of you getting a 5 star is increased. So it is called soft pity.

I hope this helped, I really wish I knew this stuff when i just started out :’)

Let me know if anything else needs to be cleared up mkay?

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