How Genshin Impact Could Improve Fishing

Genshin Impact recently added fishing to the game in the new 2.1 update, and while this brand new gameplay mechanism is barely two weeks old, it’s already starting to go stale. At this point, fishing is falling victim to the usual time-locking and RNG issues that plague a few gameplay mechanisms in Genshin Impact, but, perhaps, to an even worse degree. In order to prevent fishing from becoming just an irrelevant aspect of the game, miHoYo will need to make some changes.

To be entirely fair, fishing has been a part of Genshin Impact for only a brief two weeks, and there could very well be more coming; however, as of right now, fishing just isn’t reaching it’s full potential. Its main purpose at the moment is to allow players to get the Catch, a fantastic four-star polearm that’s perfect for Baal. In order to do that, players will need to catch twenty golden koi, twenty rusty koi, and six Raimei Angelfish. With spawn rates and RNG, this can take several days to do, and then there are the four refinements that need an additional three Raimei Angelfish, ten Pufferfish, and ten Bitter Pufferfish. To reach refinement five for the Catch, players may need to fish for weeks or visit other players’ worlds. So while this may occupy some players for a little while, there isn’t much incentive to continue fishing after that.

The first major issue with fishing in Genshin Impact that needs to be adjusted is the respawn rate. Once a fishing spot has been fished, it takes three real-life days to respawn. When players are trying to get forty Pufferfish and forty Bitter Pufferfish to max refine the Catch, this wait can be brutal. Yet just in general, for those players that simply like fishing, this also prevents them from enjoying the gameplay fully. The usual time for items to respawn in Genshin Impact is anywhere from 12 to 48 hours. Why this sudden change to three full days? 24  or even 48 hours would be much better and more in line with what players are used to. It feels like this arbitrary respawn rate is in place simply to prolong the process of maxing out the Catch because there simply isn’t enough of a reason to continue fishing afterwards.

Fishing In Genshin Impact Needs Some Improvements

There are other items players can purchase from the three fishing associations, but they simply aren’t enough. Special fishing rods, but not enough of an incentive to put up with the low spawn rates. There simply need to be better (and likely more) rewards. Over time, it would be nice to see more weapons like the Catch added to these shops, but in the meantime, there are plenty of other things players would love to have, like outfits or items. Special fishing-related outfits for certain Genshin Impact characters – even the Traveler – would be worth the grind to get. A fishing-related glider would also be welcome additions.

Beyond flashier rewards, there should probably also be something to keep bringing players back. It‘s nice that fish can be used as meat for recipes, but all these different varieties of fish become the same type to cook with. Instead, each could remain individual and be used in specific recipes. This way, players will need to fish regularly to continue to make those dishes. In the future, new characters could even use some of these fish as Ascension or Talent Materials. Fishing could also be added to the daily commissions. The current fishing event “The Lunar Realm” is pretty good, and there should definitely be more events like it in the future, but fishing would do well to work its way more deeply into the  everyday gameplay of Genshin Impact.

Lastly, Genshin Impact has a general RNG issue that also affects fishing. Just because fishing spots respawn every three days, that doesn’t mean fish players need will actually be there. While it seems unlikely that this specific issue will be addressed anytime soon, especially given the newness of the mechanic, something has to change to make fishing more exciting and worthwhile if it\’s going to matter in the long term.

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